What are you thinking? 5 ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Seriously, what are you thinking about right now? Because whatever you are thinking is becoming your reality, present and future. If you are thinking about the argument you had with your spouse last night, then more of that is what you are bringing upon yourself. If you are thinking about that dream job that you want, the dream job is what you are attracting. Sounds simple??!! Well “it is” and “it isn’t” at the same time. And in a way, I am glad we aren’t magicians, that just with a swish of a wand or nose twitch (like in Bewitched!!, a 70’s TV Show), our thoughts do not become a reality as soon as they pop up in our hyperactive mind.

Before we move forward, I would request you all to keep your “Rational, Intellectual mind which analyses everything to death” outside, for this one time. Can you?……Thank you! If you haven’t, well I can assure you that you are not wasting your time by reading further. The reason I am asking you to keep your rational mind aside is because that is your “Comfort Zone”, that is who you have become. There is a very thin line between healthy and destructive criticism. And if you are had been confident about your life, you wouldnt have been reading this right now. There is always more to learn.

Anyways, let’s get back to the agenda here. So our problem is to get rid of the unwanted doubts that our analytical mind generates:

  1. Don’t resist them. Stop fighting with them, because when you “Let In” the unwanted feelings these thoughts generate, you are giving more power to them and they will get back to you again and again. You will find yourself in the same unwanted situation again. Do not judge yourself or try to identify with them. Let them be.
  2. Think, but don’t think too much – You cannot have everything figured out. No one can. Don’t be hard on yourself. Its alright to not have all the answers. And most of the times, there is no answer. We just create problems which were not even there in the first place ;).
  3. Ego and thoughts – The moment we identify with our thoughts, we develop Ego. We start believing in every thought to be true and then those thoughts become us. We start letting irrelevant opinions or view points make us feel inferior or superior.
  4. Pay attention to your thoughts – That’s the toughest step. We are so used to thinking in an obsessive compulsive way that we do not even realise that we are thinking unnecesarily. So start paying attention!!. Do multiple checks on your thoughts in a day. Just see what you are thinking. Are the thoughts worth it? Will they give any positive results? Or are they just a waste of time and will make your life miserable?
  5. Distract yourself – When you have realised that you are having unnecessary thoughts, distract yourself. Look in your surroundings, think about your goals in life. The more you do this, the less space you are giving to the negative thoughts. Slowly, they will fade away, only to give space to more negative thoughts. Oh Yes, you read that correctly. Changing mindsets, thoughts, takes time. You have to persistently think positive thoughts for a long period of time to be successful and achieve your life goals, But you shall start appreciating the calmness of the mind from day 1 once you follow these steps.

Again, I am no expert. I struggle with unwanted negative thoughts everyday. Sometimes I hurt others too in the process. But we are all here to learn. Habit breaking is difficult but not im-possible.

Please leave your thoughts and comments.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I am writing a newspaper article for
    Saturday about not taking your feelings too seriously into account when you speak or act. I like this companion piece about keeping your thoughts under control and in check. It reminds me of Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz’s suggestion in their book The Fifth Agreement to be skeptical but learn to listen.

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  2. Enjoying Bipolar Affective disorder with paranoid tendencies, being mainly depressed – I have learned to ‘love’ the depression and understand my limitations with it.

    I do appreciate what you are saying about ‘thoughts’ and thinking and someone once

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  3. Thanks for these “inspiring” words, empress.

    I guess it’s all about looking neither forward nor back, and living in the present moment as much as possible – after a while it becomes more and more addictive, like yoga, or apple-cider vinegar and honey . . . they both take you there . . . good for instant body and mind awareness.

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  4. I have been taught to go through a process of thinking about my thoughts and worries in which you question is there anything you can do about them. If there is do it. If not forget it. Writing it all down helps. You can get online a “worry tree” to help with this. Print off and fill in. It really helps. Sometimes, a lot of the time we worry about situations which resolve naturally for the better. Worrying does nothing as my therapist said to me. And she is perfectly right. But challenging them instead of ruminating helps to at least slow down the “whirlpool”.

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  5. You’re right. Overthinking always leads to trouble, creating even more problems. And sometimes those problems are not even real problems but assumptions in our head. This is the point our thoughts start controlling us and the other way round.

    I really liked reading this post 😀

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  6. Reblogged this on DOLPHINSPIRES and commented:
    My favorite books says “be very careful about what you think. Your thoughts rub your life”. This is very important, our mind is the battle field where we plant the seeds of greatness or of despair. Its all starts from the mind.

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  7. I have controlled the books i read, the music i listen to, the blogs i read (yours is a great one to read because i always leave here positive), the movies i watch and i just reblogged it. Thank you

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    • I am so glad you liked my post. The goal of this blog is to provoke a new thought process in other even if is it monetary. If this thought from your conscious mind goes into your subconscious, the magic will start.
      Thank you again. You inspire me.
      Good luck

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  8. Excellent post! It reminds me that we can analyze our thoughts from an observer state. This is a state of spirit outside of our physical mind and body. Here we can see what we are thinking from a more holistic perspective similar to observing one’s breath or focusing on the sensation in one area of the body. It’s kind of an outer-body-experience, but it can be rational in that it can truly point out how rational or irrational we are being in our mind. Best part: if tried, it only takes a second or two. 🙂


  9. I love point #1 and point #5. Its sooo true and I practice those two points in my daily life too.

    Point #1: Its ok to think about stuff, but don’t overdo it, give it some thought, then move on. Let it linger a while, then just dismiss it. Stop thinking “what if”.

    Point #5: Related to point #1 above, once you notice yourself having negative thoughts, go distract yourself with something positive. Go take a jog, lift weights, read a book or watch a motivational video on youtube, you’ll forget that negative thought soon enough.


      • From the moment I wake. I have made a very concious effort to identify those things that I want to manifest in my life, as well as that which I don’t….(with these I try to find ways to rephrase, so that I make these positive desires…I didn’t ‘give up’ smoking….I stopped damaging my health with cigarettes..etc.) With those things I wish to manifest I go through a process of positive imagining…

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  10. Agreed. Tried. To be honest couldn’t completely keep my analytical mind out of it. The problem is what if your goals and your negative feelings are so mixed up that either both come hand in hand or none. In my case they are pretty much tangled. More so over I need to face that negative vibe daily in person and can’t find a way to get rid of it because I have to work with it.


  11. Our lives evolve around our thoughts. Our spoken thoughts, our words, refine and reinforce our thoughts. And our actions give emotion and energy to our thoughts. So thinking negative thoughts, worries, fears, etc. actually begins the process of bringing those things into our lives. Especially when our negative thoughts far outweigh our positive thoughts. So consider the negative aspects of a situation, but balance that, in fact overwhelm it, with positive thoughts.
    This is what works for me.

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  12. I feel when negative thoughts comes do let them come don’t resist it , it’s natural but we can try to bring carried away for them , stop reacting to them may help us to gain maturity .


  13. I enjoyed reading this post.
    It is actually a great idea that one should look for a distraction against the negative thought. I really believe that positive thinking should be embraced and it would eventually come up in life when we avoid the negative way of understanding things.
    I wish to mention that I appreciate you for liking my recent post on the Personal Idea blog. Thank you.
    I am also following your blog.

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  14. Reblogged this on femidadaadedina and commented:
    None is perfect. We are all flawed and the capacity to think negatively is in all of us, so also is doubt. One way as you have pointed out is not act as if negative thoughts do not exist but following the steps outlined above one will manage negative thoughts. The more you use and generate positive thoughts, the less your negative thoughts.

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