Why are we afraid of silence?! Why does it become overwhelming when we are alone and there is no voice around?! Why do we want to keep ourselves busy all the time?! Isn’t the soul of human beings, the soul of the universe or whatever power it is that’s running the earth and its resources present in this “silence”?! Then why are we running away from something that we eventually have to become a part of?! 

Well the above few lines clearly define what being alone and silence does to me. It causes chaos in my mind, it causes bewilderment! But the good part of it is that it forces me to find a reason to get over it, because hey, it’s Monday tomorrow and I have to be focused at work. 

So, I figured out reason for why we are scared of silence or rather why I am (to be precise): 

I am scared of my thoughts. Noise is my escape, I am running away from memories which I don’t want to remember, or things I can’t forget or memories I had forgotten until I remember them. Things which have no relevance in my life today. 

So now that we have the diagnosis, we need to start the treatment. 

1. Breathe and be mindful of it – Well till today my dad asks me to meditate on my breathing everyday for a few minutes to keep my sanity alive (parents can tell when their kids are crazy). And I say I will do it, but I don’t. Sorry Daddy! But here I am today, bringing sanity into my life right here. I just being aware of where I am.

2. Listen to it..the silence. Look beyond the chaos. Well I would like to think myself as a marvel comic hero (like Flash or Iron Man, only female) and think that my superpowers will be activated if I can look beyond the chaos of my thoughts. Everyone has their own fantasies, this is mine. Period! What I mean is that think of something that you most dearly want and imagine that thing is beyond this cloud of these troubling thoughts. Now your efforts depend upon how madly you want that “thing” you want. 

3. You only going to make it worse. I am sure you have heard or read this one before, where overthinking leads to situations which were not even there in the first place. Write them down, cry, say sorry to yourself  for things you did wrong, but get over it. It’s in the past. Those thoughts have no right whatsoever  to hurt you anymore. Let bygones be bygones. Trust me this step takes a lot of courage. And it takes even more courage and planning to do things differently in the future as these thoughts are stubborn and they will haunt you again. 

I would like to thank “Aroo – a sense of bewilderment” today as this made me think what my thoughts are doing to me….they are “wasting my time“.! So what’s your escape??

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73 responses to “Aroo..!!”

  1. It’s hormones, hun. How old are you? Twenty……three? four? Yeah. It is. As you age, you will naturally discover yourself. Right now, you’re on the treadmill of Ambition. But, here’s a hint: nobody’s watching. The ones who might notice are, themselves, driven by hormones – to compete against you. Or, to acquire you. Neither state is preferable.

    The breathing thing. I’ve only recently become acquainted. I like it; it works. But, believe me, with your talent and other attributes, I can relate; others need to mind their own paths. Your thoughts are waiting to congeal into substance, creative outcome. Go with them. Follow your bliss, like the woman said. There is far more time than you might think in the forty five minutes you need to accomplish all of it.

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  2. I often pray in silence. I find it soothing. I get in touch with my inner peace. It’s not easy to get there but it is possible with practice.

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  3. I know how you feel: Silence causes my mind to wander, and I don’t like that, so I try and keep myself constantly occupied.

    I have to learn to appreciate silence — not fear it.

    I know that good can come from silence — sitting in silence in a church has done wonders for me — I’m just afraid of the bad that can come, too: Thoughts of despair, depression, and/or temptation.

    Thank you for this post. I needed.

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  4. I am not afraid of silence. I love to go such places where i can hear my heart beat. In silence, i am master of my thoughts. In noise, i am servant of my mind.

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      • In my normal mode i am not able to manage my thoughts because people think that i am acting weired. Only when i am alone, i do it. You can read books such as ‘Teachings of Ramna Mahrishi’ and ‘I am That’ for further guidance. These are the best books that i have read till now…

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  5. My escape is practising mindfulness. On the whole this works to control the more negative aspects from getting a grip long term. Yesterday I wrote a post on a free online mindfulness course that’s available for all so have a peek for the link to it contained therein if that appeals.

    I value silence but then I have a big family, live near a main road and have been around a few decades πŸ˜‰

    If silence becomes too much then pop a podcast on or something in the background. This has worked for me in the past. You can get free podcasts on various subjects using an app from Google Play. The one I use is Podcast Addict.

    I hope your day is a fabulous one! Namaste.

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  6. the innocence of youth…..silence can be peaceful and serene at times. But as you grow older and wiser,you’ll see why silence can be one of the worst things one person can experience. When silence is louder then noise..

    and Flash is in the DCU,Quicksilver belongs to Marvel *s*.

    enjoyed reading your blog….

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  7. Hi! I love your blog…its honesty and directness.
    I have to say that most of the time I enjoy the silence and being alone. It makes me more focused and productive. Guess, I’m weird like that (and in other ways πŸ™‚ )

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  8. When I am in silence and I notice that thoughts are beginning to form that are not good – worry, resentment, envy – I quickly reject them. I say something like, “I know these thoughts cannot be from God.” Then it is a matter of replacing them. Sometimes on long trips I begin observing the beauty of the country side, try to plan my next blog, or begin to sing a wholesome and pleasant song.

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      • Yes, I also thought about it having been quite a while since I had seen you here or on my blog. I marked my files so I should be getting most everybody at least twice a week. I guess it has just been happenstance if I have missed you. Anyway, I’m still following.

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  9. Empress? My two cents again. I have come to cherish silence and despise noise. Oh? In silence? I enjoy the Presence of our Father/Creator. In silence? His voice becomes crystal clear to me. Besides? Often times He has admonish me with His “Sit still and you shall see My deliverance!” whenever the avalanche of evil thoughts threatens to rob that precious silence from me, but? That was not always the case in my tumultuous past. It is only recently that I have come to enjoy silence by the power of love from on high. πŸ™‚

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    • I posted this comment a lonnngggg time ago. I have not seen the Empress for a while. In fact all of a sudden I am not getting any likes at all. I think it is because I am so busy redoing my blogs and preparing Overcoming Dysfunction Supernaturally for publication. So much to share. Soon I will catch up with you all. Thanks for your like. πŸ™‚


  10. I cherish silence, it is in silence that I think about what I am thinking. Helps me put things in to perspective and to be at peace. Though it’s often difficult to ignore the noise,we need silence to listen and hear. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. I think people are afraid of silence because we don’t want to hear our own thoughts. We are a generation that’s always on the move. Not many sit down and enjoy the silence, to reflect on themselves because of a lot of us might not like what we see when we do. Thanks for the post definitely will try this.

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  12. Perhaps silence reminds some of their mortality (unconsciously). The background noise is so constant in life we don’t notice it. But silence also seems so precious and a path to deeper understanding. I admit that too much stimulation wears me down. With the right person (or animal) by my side silence feels so good! Life is teeming with noise. Silence has its own sound. I recall walking in the redwoods, so silent that you could hear a leaf drop. That silence felt like a sanctuary and I could better hear my inner voice.

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  13. Silence was a scare when I wasn’t up to facing the power within myself. Other sounds helped to distract me from facing my person and it was silence that encouraged me to accept my person.

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  14. Silence doesn’t scare me. Unless I’ve asked a question and the person I’ve asked the question of doesn’t respond. Then I have concern.

    I think we have been brought up in a culture which looks for happiness outside of ourselves. Until we have discovered the happiness within, the one that can overwhelm us with unbearable joy, we can not be comfortable with ourselves and therefore with the introspection that comes with silence.

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  15. I find the use of a mantra in the silence helps … it quiets all else while putting your attention on the mantra itself … a favorite is “Joy lives in your smile” … and I feel a smile spread across my face … I breathe in Joy and breathe out Joy … and I find it a creation space … I feel the Joy welling up from my creative parts, moving up into my heart … And the smile spreads wider across my face … Joy lives in your smile … The joy was right there waiting to be born with my recognition of It … Joy fills the silence and radiates out and all around …I delight in Joy as my escape … Namaste

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  16. My mind is often a bright and gloomy paradox. Sometimes, I retreat into delightful fantasies when I’m bored or stressed by life. But then, my dreams transform into nightmares that bug me and only increase the stress. So then, reality puts the situation into perspective. Time usually helps me to recover and move on in its own way, but it’s a weekly struggle.

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  17. I went through roughly 2 years weekly counseling with an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) therapist for those really persistent and ugly memories and anxiety. Now I can do the calming exercises on my own (I bought a mp3 off of but I would need a therapist to deal with anymore negative thoughts. I found this VERY effective. I do breathing exercises: I try to practice when I am calm several times a day so it becomes a habit and when something upsets me then that becomes a reaction – more natural. I have a phone app called “virtual hope box” that helps me do this because it is far from natural. Music, whatever kind that calms YOU. It gets your mind distracted until you can deal with it individually.
    I hope to see you on here soon and that you are doing well.

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  18. In order to calm the monkeys, you must go to places in Nature where quiet prevails. My mind is constantly thinking due to the life path I walk so I refresh by heading for a forest. This world is so loud that at times my ears hurt. If I didn’t have to finish up with my blogging rounds today, I’d be with eyes closed resting on my couch with a few of my cats curled up with me. Life can be demanding. Grab the silence when you can. It will calm the monkeys that you try to avoid.

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  19. Discomfort in silence is essentially a sort of hyper-activity disorder. We have all been bombarded with noise from the moment we entered this world. Your brain thinks noise is normal. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Out in the vastness of space, the Great Cosmos as I like to call it, there is nothing but silence. Noise cannot exist in a vacuum. Whether you think of this as constructs of a deity or as simply the Great Cosmos to which we all belong, this is normal.
    On the tiny blue & green ball on a far-flung arm of the Milky Way Galaxy there is an atmosphere, and herein you can have noise.
    As a resident of the Great Cosmos, I consider this a tiny and insignificant part of our universe.

    Seek peace,


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  20. Silence makes me reflective. It makes me unpack all of the things that are bothering me and look at them. Sometimes this leads to possible solutions to try, sometimes it leads to despair at the inability change things that are out of my control. I’m not afraid of silence; I welcome the communion with myself and the examination of my current issues – it helps to ground me. But it also hurts, sometimes..

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