Daily Dose of Inspiration – Change takes Time.

Change takes time. Everyone knows it deep within but no one wants to acknowledge it. Why? We are scared!! Admit it. I mean we are talking about overcoming decades of experience that have led us to be the person that we are today, which makes us question our own values, convenient, sometimes even things that make us happy. And that takes times, lot of it. It is our personal responsibility to have patience for bringing about change.

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  1. Eileen says:

    Yep! Little Old Lady’s marching song: “Persevere!”

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  2. bklynboy59 says:

    Excellent reminder in a world of instant everything we want what we want and we want it now so it is good to see someone say hey change comes but it takes time be patient. Nice short and to the point post!

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    1. Thank you. Glad you liked it

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      1. bklynboy59 says:

        We live a a fast fast hurry hurry world patience is a dirty word and yet your post was a reminder that change takes time and be patient with ourselves best line …was to the effect of it took you this long to be who you are now. Good point !

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  3. gpavants says:

    It is a great to get things done. What a blessing to finish what we start.

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  4. True, change is hard but always fruitful in the long run if achieved patiently.

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  5. I wish it didn’t take so long sometimes!

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  6. MommyMaj BlogLife says:

    Truest Word

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