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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Don’t Settle 

Don’t settle for less than you deserve! That applies to everything in life. If you consider yourself a person of high value, which you should, then you should set a high standard for who you associate with. That could include friends, boyfriends, or co-workers. In this article we will present how to convey your image as a person of high worth. Once you have set a standard for yourself, you can expect only the best from yourself and the people around you. This is the recipe for success: building a life of high quality and never settling for less. It’s Easier Just to Accept a Life of Mediocrity than to Risk It All Trying Something Dangerous. This is Why You Should Never Settle for Less. Once you have the attitude that you deserve the best in life, great things will come your way. You will eat the best foods, see the best places, and meet the best people.

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  1. The wrong people people will always be there trying to drag us down and keep us from achieving our goals. It’s how we react to them. think we forget that we are in charge of our destiny because it’s easier to let the wrong people run our lives.

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  2. Totally agree the past few years of my life has been about not settling and reaching for more knowing that I am more and being more. It meant some big changes in my life and it meant learning who my friends are and who are not my friends but the words you said are soooooo true!

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  3. “follow your heart” might seem like an old,useless, or impractical, even general advice. But that’s the key, stay true your own self and the world will be your play-field, but of course with time.

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  4. I actually explained all of this to myself as I turned down a job offer. It was paying less and asking for a life’s worth of loyalty. The interviewer actually called me, to clarify. I broke down my reasons, financially, explained how I ran the numbers. I was then offered a better position. I was shocked, if I knew standing up for myself would be this productive, I would have begun long ago.

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  5. The Lord has our best always in mind. That’s the wonder of trusting him with “your all” in salvation experienced daily. “Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you.”- Peter
    My prayer- for your best. Gary B.

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