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I know. It’s painful to watch someone you love have no idea that that person they’ve dedicated their life to is completely wrong for them. And not just your opinion – a literal mismatch from hell. Unfortunately, it’s not your place to say that. I don’t care how close you are to a person – you can’t try to convince someone to fall out of love. The power of the heart is simply too substantial. And you will lose that battle. Sometimes people aren’t ready to hear things yet. And if you make the mistake of crossing that line before their ears are tuned into the right frequency, you run the risk of shutting them down permanently. And that’s when people really get hurt.

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  1. If you see someone blindly heading down a wrong path you would just let them? I don’t think so I would try to reach out to them try to at least show them what is going on , from that point it is their choice to listen.

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