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I’ve written pretty extensively about the need to release beliefs, the importance of your emotions and how to line up your energy with what you want. This blog is full of information about different beliefs, how they may manifest in your reality and how to shift your perspective to a better feeling place.

However sometimes, when you’re feeling stuck or desperate, when you need something to happen quickly and you have no idea how that might come about, explanations don’t help much. You want something to happen for a really long time and all you see is “IT” not happening, sometimes even the opposite happening which brings your moral down.

After giving much thought, I believe my problem is I don’t “Let Go”. I know easier said than done, but we need to let go completely, totally. Even when you don’t see things moving, move away, leave the situation, think something different, your mood might not change immediately, but it will change. Just keep on thinking happy thoughts.

When your attention becomes so pure and so unaltered of any doubt you know that your belief is supporting your desire and you will find it easier when putting your attention on your desire manifested. It’s all about your manifested desire becoming so believable that your beliefs system automatically supports it and you effortlessly are able to imagine it.





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  1. Nice read! I do find myself very focused on the desire of where I feel I should be in life then actually looking at life and thinking wow…I am so far away. We need to try replacing negative thoughts with more positive ones, something I am trying to succeed this year

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  2. Very true, but how do you balance that with learning from your mistakes and doing things differently? After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If you let go so much that you become a totally “blank slate” each time something unfavorable happens.. yes, that might make it easier to bear but you might just keep on doing the same thing over and over. And wake up each day having forgotten what happened yesterday.

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  3. Another good post. =) I have done my best in just living in the moment, just doing my best in the moment I have now as it is all we truly have. In a way past is an illusion, memories can be affected in so many ways and change dramatically. Future…No certainty to be found there. Only that we have the now and the now is ever flowing. Letting go of the past and future is really important for this. I do not mean now that one should forsake past or never think of the future. Just.. All things in moderation and balance. Also priorities priorities..

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