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Unfortunately, for most of us life has turned into a boring routine with seemingly no possibility to escape this “every day the same melancholy”. We get up early, go to work, do something all day long we aren’t really interested in, come home late, have dinner and watch a bit TV before going to bed. And the next day it starts all over. The weekend passes in no time and is mostly spent in a state of “I don’t really know what to do with my time…” And, this goes on for weeks, months and even years. But, that’s not the way you were supposed to live your life. You were meant to live a life that’s filled with joy, passion, fun, excitement and laughter.

Desire..a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. It is the excitement, to look forward to something that keeps our soul alive. 

Now its very easy to desire materialistic thing like a Maserati Supercar, a princess cut diamond ring, enough money in my bank account to be able to work 6 months in a year etc etc. Although I wouldn’t mind any of the above (Guilty*), but what about what our soul desires? We are all here for a reason, for a higher purpose. 

The soul desire is the integral part of oneself that wants to be in touch with their highest purpose. This is the desire which feeds your spiritual center and provides you with a contentedness, as well as a sense of fulfillment that is pervasive and permanent. 

What my soul wants is to be free. To experience freedom in this human form. To experience having it and not having it, back and forth all over again!

What my soul wants is love. To be free to love people, humans, animals, stuff, fun – without limitation. To love freely. To love deeply. To feel fully. To see fully. To know fully. 

What does any soul desire? The same. The specifics differ – what one is drawn to will be specific to the distinct characteristics of that instance of The I AM, but at its core each soul wants these things: Love, Freedom, Harmony, Peace. Each soul wants to be defined and yet part of the whole.

Does your soul desire something different? What does you soul desire? Do let us know in the comment section. 


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    • Many of you reading this will have come to this article due to a little nudge from the soul, maybe you were about to skip by this article as you were scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and something told you to click on over, maybe a friend seen it and shared it with you. These are signs from your soul.


  1. what if the soul desires nothing? ..or maybe the desires of the soul manifest themselves in the unspoken, unacknowledged thoughts that come to mind when one starts writing 🙂

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  2. My soul is such a wild thing. When I sense it I’m nearly overwhelmed!

    I love to explore or just sit out in nature, or stroll a park, sit in a cafe.

    It seems I’m more at peace with a companion, entangled or just spending time, sharing space.

    Beyond basic human needs, these things fuel my depths. Yet I’m not rushing, to ensure quality. I might be too choosy. But sometimes even the thought of these things is fuel!

    All said, striking it rich would facilitate the situation… 😉

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    • Hi DC-N, If you are happy and love life and everything about it, then this is the world you have created for yourself using the power of your subconscious mind, which is connected at a deeper level to your soul. You choose to see things in a different way and feel happy instead of sad, and you realise that your thoughts, beliefs and actions are what create your reality. Conversely if you are constantly sad and miserable, then you have chosen to surround yourself with people, with experiences and places that make you feel this way, or it maybe that you just don’t know any other way, but the fact is that it’s all an illusion and you can change that illusion.

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    • Thank you. Glad you liked it. When you tap into the energy of your mind and have a stronger connection to your soul you can virtually command what you want out of life. Some people call this The Law of Attraction, but I believe this is being taught incorrectly. I prefer to call it The Magic and we can train our minds, with the help of soul, to have a better experience in the world we live just now.

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  3. Agreed. Our souls desire Love. I believe we are all connected in Love. As to the daily mundane, refining my daily routine by slowly eliminating the distracting and adding the things that excite or offer growth given me more focus and purpose to my daily activities.

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    • Hi Tom, your soul also wants you to know that you are loved by universal energy. You are infinitely loved by the Universe and everything that lies beyond. You might not feel that way just now, but on the other side of your physical body, inside you, there lies everyone who has ever looked out for you, everyone you love and everything that has helped your souls journey through the physical plane. Right now you have guides and angles that are taking care of you in this world, if only you slowed down long enough to hear their whispers, but they are still guiding you whether you hear them or not. Your soul is an energy of love and light.

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  4. This >> “What my soul wants is love. To be free to love people, humans, animals, stuff, fun – without limitation. To love freely. To love deeply. To feel fully. To see fully. To know fully.”

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    • Hi Deepika, The soul is eternal, wise beyond measure, and ever present. When we have moments of clarity, moments of intuitive guidance, and moments of connectedness to the world, it is our soul softly whispering in our ears. It is not a separate entity, yet to us it may feel that way as we have been taught to live in a world of ego, the world of Tick Tock, as Stuart Wilde, calls it. I believe our time here on earth is a quest to reach our soul and connect with it on a much deeper level. It’s not religious in any way, it is what it is and that’s being connected to OUR soul.

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    • Hi Puja, Experience the stillness that’s present underneath all that mental noise and outside chaos. And allow this stillness to help you reconnect with your own beauty and perfection. Allow this stillness to help you to experience the exhilarating joy that comes from BE-ing all that Life created you to be.

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    • Ah Yes, Nothing and no one could ever give you the everlasting love and happiness you desperately seek for. But as long as you will continue to look for these things Out there instead of In You, you will fail to recognize that all the happiness you seek and desire is already present within you. We all have it in US!


  5. Hi Empress,

    I think of our soul and spirit as the real person, too. When that is satisfied, every other part of ourselves is, too. I know when God is filling my sprit I am full. Sure need it in days like now, right? Good topic.

    Thank you,


    On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 11:10 PM Be Inspired..!! wrote:

    > empress2inspire posted: “Unfortunately, for most of us life has turned > into a boring routine with seemingly no possibility to escape this “every > day the same melancholy”. We get up early, go to work, do something all day > long we aren’t really interested in, come home late, have d” >

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    • Hi, I Agree a 100%. Our soul craves to be with God because that is our source and that is where we belong to. And God is pure love. Nothing less than love cannot be God. So our soul craves to be in the state of pure love and if there is anything else, it hurts our soul to be in that state. Our heart is the abode which is defined by the feelings which we have. So any feeling which is not of love, makes our heart impure like anger, guilt, less compassion or anything. We must purify our feelings so that we can give a happy abode to our soul. That can be done by forgiving self and others, accepting, be loving, kind, having compassion for self and others. You can simply tell yourself, everyday I am more loving and kind. I forgive everyone and myself. I love and I am loved. I am full of divine love and I share divine love with everyone and everything. I release anything which is not love. I only hold thoughts and feelings of love. I am flowing with love. I am full of love. I love, I am loved and I am love.

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    • Thank you!! It is common to steer away from this inner voice due to societal pressures, comparison, opinions of others, and fear of pretty much everything. Over time, what once was a strong knowing, can become tangled up with the noise of life; thus diluting the beautiful truth of who we really are. Listening when the soul speaks is a practice that can transform the moments in our day and bring us closer to living life from a place that sits well with who we are at our core.
      Best to you!

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    • Hi Chetan, you are most welcome. Glad my post came to you at the right time. Soul Desire is a beautiful thing. This Desire is our involutionary imperative, ever instigating us toward greater fullness, richness, meaning, depth and in-bodied aliveneness. It’s sister drive, the evolutionary urge, is our path up the spiral toward highest enlightenment. While our human identity is in service to evolution, our Soul serves the involutionary nature of the divine. And just as reaching deeper involutionary levels within makes our evolutionary awakenings more profound, so too do our evolutionary leaps catapult us into ever-richer involvements with Life in all its forms.
      Thanks for stopping by. Best to you!

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    • Hi Mimi, thank you for taking our time to read my post. With each passing day, more and more individuals are awakening and seeking “enlightenment.” When you reach this state, all that you do stems from your inner essence and passion flows through you. You are vibrant. Your energy changes everything around you for the better, and you begin to serve a much greater purpose than you’re likely to ever realize. Sometimes, though, a person gets lost on the path to their destiny. So, how can you ever truly know if you are living in alignment with your soul’s desires?


      • I believe the only way to know if you are in a form of alignment or on your way to your destiny, you will feel it deep inside. Most of the times, we know when what we are doing is right or wrong and our instincts are strong enough to veer us the right way. So we just have to listen or “tune in” to the right frequency.

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