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Productivity Hacks – Make More Time

We all agree that time is more valuable than money. At least, that’s what we say. Then we turn around and spend hours watching bad TV we’re not even that interested in. Or 45 minutes on the phone with customer service fighting a frugal charge. Or years in a relationship or friendship we stopped feeling fulfilled by long ago. Here are some of the ways in which you can save time and increase your productivity :

  1. Quit meetings, or keep them to 15 minutes.
  2. Delegate.
  3. Track where your times goes.
  4. Simplify your inbox.
  5. Quit Facebook (for sometime).
  6. Automate tedious tasks.
  7. Batch similar tasks.
  8. Try a dictation app.
  9. Cut bad habits with a “Stop Doing” list.
  10. Quit multitasking.

What do you think? Will these tasks help you make more time for yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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    • Highly productive people seem to be brimming with enthusiasm, but that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. To help you get your energy levels up, take a moment every morning to write down your purpose, or the why behind your current pursuit. It serves as an excellent reminder as to why you’re giving your work your all and can function as its own source of motivation.


    • Some people thrive under pressure, allowing them to accomplish more than they originally thought possible in the time frame. You can recreate that sensation by blocking out less time than you actually think you need. Often, you’ll find your focus improves when you begin working and ultimately finish on time.

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    • A to-do list is still a great tool for capturing ideas and tasks, but it’s not suitable for directing your day. When you create your action list for tomorrow, refer to your to-do list to see if anything should be added to your day. But also, think about your bigger goals and what actions you could take tomorrow to move you closer to those. Freeing yourself from the to-do list, allows you to think more strategically and get more of those high-level actions done.


  1. Excellent suggestions! Guess what? That’s pretty much what I came to since 1987 to be exact. How did I come to that conclusion? Not by my power, but! By the power of love and wisdom from on high. Unbelievable. Regardless That love & unfathomable wisdom? Never fails. It always avails. That’s actually my theme for the life of mine I write about.

    BTW Just out of curiosity? Did you read the post Life And Death Go On …? in or did you only like the notice in

    I am trying to see what works for my readers and for myself. Could you kindly let me know? Thanks. Much love, thiaBasilia 🙂

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    • Thank you for liking the post. Take a media- and internet-free day (or weekend). I usually take at least one day during my weekend off from using the internet, reading the paper, checking my email and so on. That break helps me to better focus my attention on the most important things, to set clear limits between the workhours and the homehours and it helps me to relax and recharge myself so that I am more focused during the upcoming week.


    • You Go Online For Productive Reasons, But Find Yourself On Social Networks Instead. Sometimes this happens intentionally due to temptation. However, other times it simply occurs out of habit. Do you do this? I do. All… the… time. In fact, to address this problem, I did a Facebook Fast (which was actually a social media fast, but Facebook Fast is catchier), which meant I would refrain from using all social media and time-wasting websites for 30 days. The first day of my fast, I opened up my browser to do something productive and useful, but immediately typed in the address bar without realizing it. I abruptly closed out and refocused myself, but I was amazed at how much I really was conditioned to visiting Facebook. This is an example of unintentional use. But other times, long after the fast and still to this day I find myself intentionally going to Facebook despite the amount of work I have to do. I sometimes do this while I’m in the middle of something.

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