Yes or No

There is no “right” way to approach life. Being a “yes” or a “no” person is each met with a set of benefits and limitations. Here’s when to deploy each approach.

It’s a Hard No For

  • Obsessing over food and our bodies.
  • Self control
  • Exercising as punishment for what you ate
  • Talking shit to ourselves
  • Believing nutrition is the end all be all to health
  • Having a fixed mindset
  • Believing we are destines to a mediocre life
  • Making weight loss our life purpose
  • Focusing on what we don’t want
  • Food rules
  • Compare and despair
  • Devoting our lives to shrinking our bodies
  • Ignoring our body’s natural hunger, fullness and satiety cues.
  • Counting calories and reading every label
  • Letting diet culture brainwash us

It’s a Hard Yes For

  • Listening to and trusting our bodies
  • Self care
  • Joyful movement
  • Daily affirmations that remind us we are fucking awesome
  • Knowing that there’s more to health than food/exercise (stress levels, relationships, career satisfaction, spirituality, etc).
  • Having a growth mindset.
  • Manifesting a reality better than our wildest dreams
  • Making space to find our purpose
  • Embodying the version of ourselves that has everything we want
  • Food freedom
  • Uplifting and celebrating other
  • Loving ourselves unconditionally
  • Eating delicious, pleasurable foods that make us feel good
  • Letting our intuition to guide us
  • Discovering our own definition of health

Did you like the list? Do share in the comments.

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