Overcoming Fear Practices

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A simple method of overcoming fear. Get prepared to be empowered. Overcoming fear is essential for achieving your dreams. The great Les Brown says, “You can live your dreams or you can live your fears.” This is going to be a huge step in the direction of your dreams and goals. 

Everything in the universe is energy. Everything in the universe vibrates. We live in the ocean of motion, as Bob Proctor puts it. It is very important to understand that because once you understand how critical fear is in holding you back from your dreams and your goals, you are more likely to take some action. There is a simple method of overcoming fear but first let’s understand how fear affects us.

The law of attraction works in a very simple way. The universe moves into alignment with whatever you are putting out. If you are feeling optimism, you will receive optimism back. If you feel fear, you will receive more fear back. There is a verse in the bible which says “The things that I have feared the most, I have brought upon myself.” Think about that. What you fear, you bring forth in your life. You must be what you desire to attract the life that you want. You have to be in first. The circumstances of your life depend on your inner power. That inner power is the ability to control your own brain. The ability to control your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, and put them in alignment with your desires rather than your fears. Do not become a victim of your fears, of your anxiety, of your worries, of your doubts, of your negative feelings. Once you submit to your fears, you become a slave to them and they own you. 

But you have the power anytime to break the bondage of fear. You can choose to define your life. You can choose to create your future. But I assure you that you will never create the future that you desire by embellishing your fears by making them bigger than what they are. Never ever let fear power over you. You are the creator. You are the co-creator of your reality. You create on a microcosmic level and the infinite potential creates on the macro-cosmic level. Micro just means that which is within you, that which is around you. Macrocosmic simply means that which is outside of you. The macrocosmic universe will always match the universe that you have created.

You need to go beyond positive thinking. Positive thinking is great. It is a wonderful tool but positive thinking alone is not enough. I have heard people saying that they have been “trying” to think positive. What the heck does that mean? “Trying”. Either you are thinking positively or you are not. There is nothing in between. I mean do you try to brush your teeth, or do you try to comb your hair, or do you try to drive your car, you either do or don’t do..as Yoda says. So trying to think positive is the same as giving into your fears and your doubts and your worries and your anxieties. Rather make a decision right now that you are going to become the new you. You are going to become the person that you desire to be, right now. And you are not going to do it by trying, you are making an “I am” statement.

Be the person who is loved, “I am loved”. Be the person who is respected, “I am respected”. Be the person who is cared about, “I am cared about”. Be the person who is prosperous, “I am prosperous”, “I am abundant”, “I am healthy”. BE that person, don’t try it. Be the person who always has more than enough money to do whatever you desire. Live however you want to live, it is time right now, this moment in your life to be the person who is the co-creator of your reality and your future. You deserve to have the money that you desire, the love that you absolutely crave and health that you depend upon. 

Here is a simple to perform meditation that will help you overcome your fears and doubts. 

  • I want you to think about one fear, maybe it is a fear of not having enough money or maybe it is a fear of a broken relationship that you will never be back with the person you love. Perhaps you have the fear of failing at your business or you have fear that surrounds debt. Whatever your fear is, take one fear at a time. 
  • Think about that one fear and give it an image, an ugly, nasty, fearful image. Perhaps it is a slimy monster with four eyes or perhaps a gladiator. Whatever it looks like that is the image of your fear and that is what your subconscious mind is telling you right now, “This is what my fear looks like”. 
  • Now that you have the image, I want you to draw a circle around yourself wherever you are standing. Visualising the circle will also do, you don’t necessarily have to draw it. Now standing in the centre of the circle, take a deep breath. Feel that prana or white light flowing through you. 
  • Imagine that ugly creature of the picture moving towards your circle. It’s smelly, it’s ugly, it represents your deepest fear. This monster is now standing outside of the circle. It can’t come in because the circle by its very nature can’t protect you, but it can influence you and that’s the way fear is. It can come in but it can influence you to feel failure, tragedy. 
  • I want you to listen and look at this ugly monster that you have created in your mind. It’s talking to you, perhaps it is saying that you are a failure and you are going to lose it all. See it now, hear those words. Now put both hands on your chest and on your heart, and take a deep breath, hold it in, now stretch out your arms all the way out and feel yourself growing taller and taller and larger and larger until you reach a point where you are looking down on your fears. It is small, it is insignificant, it sounds like a mouse. Stay inside your circle. 
  • Look down at that little speck of fear and command it with a deep resounding voice, “Be Gone”. Blow it away. Imagine that speck of fear turning into ash and getting blown away. 
  • Now put your arms above your head in victory. Affirm “I am filled with power”. “I am filled with light”. 
  • Take a deep breath again and whenever you are ready, open up your eyes. 

This meditation is based on an NLP idea but it is based on some ancient mystery secrets as well. The idea now is to help you repeat this 6-7 times now in a row real quick. You can finish the entire meditation once in about 1.5-2 minutes. Just do it 7 times x 2 minutes. And do this 7 days in a row. By the time you are at the end of 7 days, you will not even feel the need to do this meditation because your fears will be all gone. They dissipate and you feel more powerful and stronger and more in control of your life. 

You are now ready to manifest the life that you desire. You are now living your dreams rather than living your fears. It is amazing. Do this meditation and let me know how it feels. 

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