Manage Your Time As You Manage Your Money Part 2


Buy only what you can afford

Although this seems a repetition of the previous habit, there is a subtle difference. In this case, you do spend only what you have. But if you are spending only what you have to buy a thing that you can’t afford, well, that’s bad. If you give all your paycheck for a fantastic trip to Hawaii, when you get back you’ll be in a rather tricky situation: you had the time of your life, but your life needs some fast cash, or you’ll be in trouble with those bills… It’s the fact that you should correctly evaluate your financial capacity and keep your spending under control.

Now translate this for time management: whenever you have a chunk of free time, try to slip in only what you can do in that chunk of time, not more. This comes to correctly evaluate your working and time consumption capacity and keep your procrastination under control. You might want to stretch that piece of time, but you really can’t. You can’t stretch a ten dollar bill into a twenty dollar bill, so you won’t be able to make an hour from twenty minutes. Don’t try to bargain for it, it won’t work.

Save some time

Every intelligent people know the importance of the savings. Making deposits, investing in trust funds, buying stocks from profitable businesses, all of these are savings activities. By doing this constantly you ensure that your money won’t get devalued and that you can also make some profit out of it. It’s a clever move. And I bet you put a lot of effort into finding the best way to save your money. And also you do enjoy spending your savings, right?

But I’m not so sure if you’re doing the same way with your time. Have you ever thought to save some time for yourself? Have you ever thought to manage your activities in a flexible schedule, so you can quickly step out from the routine and take some time off? Saving the time for yourself is highly rewarding. If you have money deposits or other type of investments that are doing well, why not starting to invest in some time for yourself? Time for personal development, or for leisure, or for family, or just for enjoying life.


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