How To Reverse Bad Karma

Physical Purification

Bad karma as we defined is simply the bad actions and thoughts that have a negative impact on your life. Many at times you might feel like you have bad karma and you wish to overcome it, below are ways in which one can resolve his/her bad karma;

1. Apologize  

On some occasions you may have done wrong, or wrongly mistreated someone and you feel guilty, the act of self-judgment is haunting you. In this situation the best thing to do is be sincere with yourself on the mistakes that you have done, learn from your mistakes. Make an effort of finding the person you wronged, mistreated or offended and apologize to them. You are advised to use words like; “I am very sorry about my mistake” or “I apologize for sounding rude to you”.

2. Write down your transgression 

On some occasions you feel like you have done wrong but you don’t have the correct reason for what you did wrong. In this situation you are advised to write down everything you felt you didn’t write, stating the specific time and place that it occurred. This will lay a foundation or starting point on how you can resolve your bad karma. You advised thinking of things like; “did I offend someone?” or “did I lie about something?”

3. Meditation

At times we get to know what we have done to get bad karma but fail to understand the negativity of your actions, the bad impact it brings to you and also those around you. In this situation, you are advised to meditate or reflect on your actions. There are different ways of meditating, these include:

  1. Breathing meditation
    This type of meditation lies in the control of your breathing. When one gets control of his/her breathing it creates a calm environment for mind thus creating an inner peace that gives you a chance to think and have a clear understanding of your actions thus finding the root cause and effects of your actions.
  2. Transforming meditation
    This involves training your body not to worry about mental or physical discomforts thus allowing you to gain and have the inner peace that calms your mind. This type of meditation is earned by studying and considering the philosophy that drives your morality.

11 responses to “How To Reverse Bad Karma”

    • To get good karma flowing into your life, you should spend time in quiet introspection. You might see this as a time of soul searching as you explore your personal role in all that has transpired in your life. It’s important to do this without judgment. The purpose is to gain understanding, not to place blame.


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