Our minds are quick to move from one thing to another. All throughout the day, we float between our fears of the future and our disappointments of the past, all while we’re stuck in the middle, trying to make sense of it all. Let stillness remind you that in this present moment, you don’t have to make sense of it at all. You don’t have to figure it all out right here, right now. Yes, there are things that need to be sorted through, but this moment is also calling you: to breathe deep and realise in this very moment you are gathering the strength you need that will prepare you for what’s to come.

20 responses to “Stillness”

    • Being in stillness reduces responses in the parasympathetic system, which is responsible for fight or flight and increases responses in the sympathetic system, responsible for rest and relaxation. In other words, it calms your mind allowing you to feel more at peace and less stressed out.

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    • If you notice there’s more than enough time to cover the tasks, take it slow. You’ll be more focused, you’ll achieve higher quality, and you won’t waste your energy doing unnecessary things. There’s nothing positive about workaholism and perfectionism.


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