Oh For Fuck Sake

I’m so done with idea of people thinking shit can’t work out. It’s not that hard to be all about someone, as long as you pick the right person. If you pick the right person with good heart, and good intentions, it shouldn’t get into the way of low standard mentalities.

Since when is it hard to be loyal and committed? Why even try getting into a relationship if you’re not ready or you’re looking for a pastime. Nah, you want to vibe with someone, have deep conversations, find someone true and if it leads to something more, even better, but if you fins someone with all the intentions to grow with you, marry you, be something with you and you still here figuring out shit for yourself, then GO FIGURE SHIT OUT FOR YOURSELF. Half the time people intake love for lust. But by GOD, if a person sticks by you, comforts you, becomes your best friend, is your ride or die then it’s love. Only get into a relationship if you’re 100% willing to give someone the world, and ready to receive it back. All these “breaks” and “space” ISN’T how things should be. You truly love someone, you deal with your shit, cause at the end of the day that’s your baby, regardless of the past shit.

Move forward, be happy, and vibe. I admit everyone has made some mistakes before but things like pride should never get in between love. You could’ve missed your soul mate, you could’ve missed your best friend, you could’ve missed your other half, but you’re still here with the mentality that shit can’t work out.

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  1. S says:

    I feel you there

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you agree

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  2. well said. only get into relationship if you’re 100%

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    1. GS says:

      Yes..no red flags

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