Beast Mode……….ON !!!!

“Who am I?” “What do I want?” “What does it take to get it?” Do you constantly feel that people perceive you in a wrong way? Do you feel they don’t really understand what thought process you are coming from? Well, let me ask you another question here, […]

What are you waiting for?

Everybody has desires and dreams. They could be small or big, easy or difficult to achieve. And everyday we make a choice, a choice to either wish it would happen, or want it to happen or simply go out their and make it happen. We make one of […]

Obsessive Thinking

Obsessive thinking is annoying first of all. It drains you of all your energy. And it’s not just a momentary thing, it is long-lasting, its has a domino effect. One compulsive thought leads to another compulsive thought and then once you realise that you are over thinking, you […]