Habits of Extraordinary People

Looking for inspiration for a Monday morning, then you have come to the right place. It’s really not that difficult to live an extraordinary life. Most people look at those who are having success around them, and desire the same thing, but end up tossing their dreams in the too-hard-basket. […]


Things Which Make Life Harder

This is something us humans love to do. We love to make things harder than they actually are, for any number of pseudo-psychological reasons, and it can be a very difficulty habit to break out of. It is hard to break because the symptoms are not always obvious.There […]

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Stop Being a People Pleaser

What many people-pleasers don’t realize is that people-pleasing can have serious risks. Not only does it put a lot of pressure and stress on you, but essentially you can make yourself sick from doing too much. If you’re overcommitted, you probably get less sleep and get more anxious and upset. […]


Walking Meditation

Yes, for those who can’t sit still. Ready to get Zen? In walking meditation, called “kinhin” in the Zen tradition, practitioners move slowly and continuously while staying aware of the body and mind. In the practice of mindful walking, you place your entire awareness in the process of walking. Walking meditation […]


Be More Mindful

Do you ever consider that mindfulness can be a part of your life? These mindful people are actually doing it! Find out what the followers of mindfulness have been doing differently from your routine! If it inspires you, pick up just one practice and begin. You will find […]