Never Stop Trying

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Keep Trying

Know your limits…but never stop trying to exceed them. – Anonymous We all have limits. Some limits are self imposed and some are put upon us by circumstances beyond our control. Limits aren’t necessarily a bad thing. They keep us from doing things like over spending, or over eating […]

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Beyond Intellect

“Pure reason and pure feeling both have intuitive qualities. Pure feeling sees as clearly as pure reason.”  There are many people around you that will point out the “reality” that you are facing. They will say “Face the facts”, “Don’t be delusional”, “Look at your current reality” etc […]

Intuition > Knowledge

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Intuition > Knowledge

Carl Jung noted, “Intuition does not denote something contrary to reason, but something outside of the province of reason.” Intuitions play the role that observations do in science: they support and undermine various theories. Conceptual analyses are rejected when intuitive counterexamples are presented. Moral theories are rejected when they […]