Month: September 2015

Things I wish

Things I wish for in life are developing some habits which will improve my today and tomorrow drastically. “I always wanted to be someone better the next day than I was the day before.” ~Sidney Poitier Enough of wishing I guess, so I solemnly swear that I am […]

Writing things down

Writing is a fossil, like literally. Writing in true sense started way back in 3200BC. At that time it was mainly done to write religious scriptures, history books and scripts for people on how to live their life in a correct way under different regimes.  Today, we all […]

Empathy is a Choice !!

21st century is an age of Extrospection.  Merriam-Webster dictionary meaning of Extrospection is “examination or observation of what is outside oneself”. And the simplest way of practising Extrospection is showing Empathy. Now, we all understand empathy as putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and looking at the situation, think […]