Month: September 2016

Be yourself in Love

Love Inspiration Quote of the Day 

Holding on to yourself after falling in love won’t just make you happier down the line—it will also make you a better, more honest partner. Remember your goals, make family & friends your priority, have your own hobbies. We’ve all seen it, whether in someone else or in […]

Thank you Uncertainty

Thank you Uncertainty!

“Why can’t I just stop thinking about this?”  “Enough..!!” “Really, again??!!” I often find myself repeating all these words in a vicious loop in my head. I often find myself struggling between spiritua-lity and rea-lity.. Spirituality says “Let it go”, reality says “You are kidding yourself again!” Obsessing, Overthinking […]

Love is Difficult

Love is messy. Love is being vulnerable, and vulnerability means imperfection. Love is showing parts of yourself that aren’t beautiful, or rather are ugly. It means being honest in your ugliness. It means nights that aren’t romantic. It means nights that are “real” instead when you are all […]