What are you thinking? 5 ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Seriously, what are you thinking about right now? Because whatever you are thinking is becoming your reality, present and future. If you are thinking about the argument you had with your spouse las…

Source: What are you thinking? 5 ways to Stop Negative Thinking


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  1. I’m thinking about how impossible it seems to age with grace. I hate all of the changes I’m going through, and I’m stubborn. I dig in my heels and say no, but it’s just taking me into depression. Doesn’t help that my 41st birthday is in two weeks and my dog just up and died of a stroke on Saturday. I think I’m just having a really hard time, right now.. Thank you for reminding me to keep trying to keep the positive viewpoint. Not sure I can, right now, so I’ll go to bed and try again tomorrow..

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      • Age is NOT just a number. That’s just some stupid cliché that’s meant to dismiss an uncomfortable truth. Age is a collection experiences over time that shape you and develop you continually into who you are becoming, moment by moment, and those experiences can create great divides in understanding between generations. I’m a realist. Clichés such as that one do not work with me. Have a good night.

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