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Sunday Affirmations – Boost Your Confidence

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but only a dose of positive affirmations can keep your energy and confidence high throughout the day.

Increase Your Intelligence

In a lot of ways, your overall intelligence is fairly well established before you ever have anything to do with it. Family genetics, your diet as an infant, vaccinations, illnesses during childhood, your preschool education, even the types of punishment your parents chose to dish out—there are studies […]

Loving Kindness

Loving-kindness and compassion protect us, and protect others as well. The Buddha taught that these qualities spontaneously bring benefit, just like a wish-fulfilling jewel, and that if our minds are filled with aggression and anger, not only will we be unable to help ourselves, we will not be […]

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Time and time again people would try to explain what was going on in their lives but would meet with the same old comments: “Pull yourself together”, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself”, “Everyone has got problems too you know” and “We can’t cope with you like this”. Those […]

Habits To Improve Your Mental Fitness

It’s true to enjoy life you have to be mentally and physically fit. Both mental fitness and physical fitness are interdependent. Most of us love to see our self in the best shape hence we exercise. When we see a successful person, we get impressed with his decision […]

Habits of Extraordinary People

Looking for inspiration for a Monday morning, then you have come to the right place. It’s really not that difficult to live an extraordinary life. Most people look at those who are having success around them, and desire the same thing, but end up tossing their dreams in the too-hard-basket. […]

Sunday Affirmations – Self Love

I have recently posted an article where I was talking about self-love and because self-love is essential to living a happy and meaningful life, I have decided to write some more on the subject and to share with you more ideas on how to achieve that level of […]

Things Which Make Life Harder

This is something us humans love to do. We love to make things harder than they actually are, for any number of pseudo-psychological reasons, and it can be a very difficulty habit to break out of. It is hard to break because the symptoms are not always obvious.There […]

Protect Your Energy Empaths

Why is it that some people make you feel awful just by being around them? Often, it’s an energy thing. Their energy field can bring you down. Worse, it can happen that their bad energy follows you. It clings to you. You can’t seem to shake the creepy […]

Stay Strong

Stop Being a People Pleaser

What many people-pleasers don’t realize is that people-pleasing can have serious risks. Not only does it put a lot of pressure and stress on you, but essentially you can make yourself sick from doing too much. If you’re overcommitted, you probably get less sleep and get more anxious and upset. […]