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Habits of happy people

Benefits Of A Daily Routine

Just like brushing our teeth every morning, adhering to a routine allows us to foster habits that match our goals and aspirations. While our routine helps us develop good habits that are in line with exploiting our full potential, it also helps to eradicate bad habits that do not serve us well. […]

Reasons why health is not improving

Power of Guilt and Shame

Guilt and shame are both emotions of self-evaluation; however, that is wherethe similarities end. The difference between shame and guilt is best understood as the differences between “I am bad” (shame) and “I did something bad” (guilt). Shame is about who we are and guilt is about our […]

Boost Your Self Esteem

Your self-esteem is influenced by how much you value yourself for what you are, that is your self-worth and not what or how much material possessions you have. Your self-worth comes from within you, and is not dependent on others for it. Your self-worth is not less than […]

Trust and Relationships

When it comes to trust, not all relationships are at the same level. Based on the context of the given relationship – professional, personal, family, social – each one can experience a different level of trust. Here are a few basics to get through to deepen your level […]

Simple Living for Family

In Organised Simplicity, Tsh describes simple living as “living your life with a purpose that aligns with your values…being who you were made to be.” I love this definition because it leaves room for each of us to make those decisions for our own family without feeling like we have […]

Steps to a Healthier Heart

Show Some Love

Sweet words to tell your lover are written all over your heart. Are you having a hard time getting those love things out of your mouth? Sometimes it is tough to find the words, even if you have warm fuzzies in your heart. Here are few things you can […]

Best Negotiation Rules

Job descriptions often list negotiation skills as a desirable asset for job candidates, but the ability to negotiate requires a collection of interpersonal and communication skills used together to bring a desired result. The circumstances of negotiation occur when two parties or groups of individuals disagree on the […]

Things Great Leaders Say Everyday

For a leader, communication is connection and inspiration – not just transmission of information. Communication is critical for building alignment and executing strategy. Yet it is often one of the most challenging leadership skills because it is so easy to say, but not so easy to do. Effective […]

When You Know You Know

Any preferences in a partner are only starting points and from there a relationship can grow or end after only a few dates or months. So, how do you know if they are “the one” or not? That’s something only you can truly tell, but there are a few sure-fire […]

Love Languages

In Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, one of the most useful relationship books in print. He suggests that we speak different languages when expressing love to one another. The basis of the book’s idea is that there is a great deal of marital discord because we […]