Gratitude Attracts More Gratitude


Daily habits of intentionally recognizing and feeling gratitude are one of the highest emotional and vibrational states you can experience. When you cultivate gratitude, you are able to feel true joy and peace, no matter what you currently have or don’t have in your life. For those who understand how to use this power and practice it daily, they are able to attract more things into their lives to be thankful for.

What is Gratitude?

Simply put, gratitude means being thankful for what you have right now, counting your blessings and acknowledging all that you receive, both big and small. It’s about noticing the simple things in life. By developing an attitude of sincere gratitude, you attract more for which you can be grateful and unleash the ultimate power of abundance.

Something as simple as whispering a prayer in the morning, meditating or expressing how grateful you are for this new day can lead to positive and empowering changes in your life. By cultivating gratitude, you will experience true love and joy every day no matter what you are going through.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. When you are grateful for what you already have, you will naturally attract more for which you can be grateful for.

However, many people find that it requires great diligence to cultivate a persistent attitude of gratitude. That’s because we’ve been culturally conditioned by society and the media to focus on what we don’t have, rather than appreciating what we’ve already received.

When you consciously use the power of your thoughts and raise your vibrational energy to attract more abundance into your life, you will begin to manifest people, events and circumstances that will bring more of that energy back to you. This act or intention is an important life skill that we all need to learn and master to draw more prosperity into our lives.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing.

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      1. Always a joy and pleasure to read and share your posts with followers, My Dear! Hope you have a great day!! xoxox 😘💕🎁🌹

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  1. THis is beautiful. Thank you

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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome. Glad you liked the post.


  2. “When you are grateful for what you already have, you will naturally attract more for which you can be grateful for.”—This is a powerful concept.

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    1. GS says:

      Gratitude is one of many positive emotions. It’s about focusing on what’s good in our lives and being thankful for the things we have. Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, friends, family, even computer access.

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