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“I didn’t want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep. And that’s really sad. It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you’re so relieved. I woke up into a nightmare.” ~ Ned Vizzini, It’s Kind of a Funny Story

“Did you really want to die?”

“No one commits suicide because they want to die.”

“Then why do they do it?”

“Because they want to stop the pain.” ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo, How to Kill a Rock Star

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“The thought of suicide is a great consolation: by means of it one gets through many a dark night.” ~ Nietzsche

Many of us have been to a dark place in our lives, sometimes one describes it as the depths of hell or the abyss. Maybe you’ve contemplated suicide before. Now you’ve read these quotes, what is suicide? 

Suicide is the act of intentionally taking your own life. Suicidal feelings can mean having abstract ideational thoughts about ending your life or feeling that people would be better off without you. Or it can mean thinking about methods of suicide or making clear plans to take your own life.

Thinking about suicide is scary for many. You may have strong feelings that are hard to deal with. You may feel like things will never be better, but you are not alone. Many people think about suicide. Thinking about suicide does not mean that you will do it. It does not mean that you are “going crazy.” Thinking about suicide is often a sign that you want to escape from pain or suffering or both.

A Spiritual View On Suicide 

I came across a Channelling by Rob Schwartz which I hope will enlighten you on this topic. 

“It is an event planned by the soul.

In the Suicide chapter in Your Soul’s Gift, I share the story of Carolyn, whose only child Cameron committed suicide shortly after he graduated from high school. Carolyn and I had a channeling session in which we spoke with Jeshua (Jesus).

Jeshua began by telling us that suicide is never planned prior to birth as a certainty, but it is often planned as a possibility and sometimes as a high probability, as was the case with Cameron.

In other words, Cameron knew that he was taking on so much in this lifetime that a suicide was likely.

One of the difficulties Cameron had while in his body was that chronic depression blocked his capacity to feel love for his family.

Jeshua tells us:

“While physically alive he could not feel his love for them anymore. When dead he realized the full extent of his love, and from the soul’s perspective this was a great breakthrough. The suicide forced change upon Cameron, and in his case it worked out well. It was a turning point for his soul.”

This is a radical yet powerfully healing perspective. Our society views suicide as perhaps the ultimate failure, and yet Jeshua tells us that from the soul’s perspective it can be a blessing.

As souls our highest intention is to give and receive love. While in body Cameron was unable to feel, and therefore unable to express, the great love he held in his heart for his family.

Now, in the nonphysical realm, he feels that love intensely, and for his soul that feeling is a triumph.

Suicide is not a sin, but an outlet. In addition to viewing suicide as a failure, we also tend to see it as a sin.

Yet in the conversation with Carolyn, Jeshua tells us:

“From a spiritual perspective, there are no acts that are absolutely wrong or sinful. The deepest act of self-betrayal can lead someone into a state of inner clarity that may help forever. The darkest point may become the starting point for a new direction toward light. You see, spiritual evolution does not proceed in a linear fashion. It uses the polarities of light and dark to create dynamics and change.

“In saying this I wish to take away the traditional judgment about suicide, that it is the gravest sin. God or Spirit does not feel that way. God has the greatest compassion for people who take their lives in despair. There is always help available for them on the other side. They are never abandoned.”

Through the medium, we also spoke directly with Cameron, who confirmed that indeed he was not abandoned.

Upon returning to spirit, he was greeted by loving guides, who nurtured and supported him through a process of emotional healing and through some very difficult conversations with Carolyn which occurred in her sleep state.

Importantly, and contrary to what some religions teach, Cameron told us that he was never punished in any way for having taken his life. He did not go to some sort of “Hell,” nor did he wander endlessly in a limbo state.

Instead, he briefly experienced some confusion and disorientation when he first crossed over (as he had been confused and disoriented when he committed suicided), but he quickly saw his guides, who escorted him “Home.”

You cannot blame yourself. And what of Carolyn’s healing? Since Carolyn has no memory of her pre-birth plan – just as most of us don’t – she quite naturally felt that she had failed Cameron.

She was filled with guilt and self-blame, wondering what she could have done to prevent her son’s suicide.

In response to those feelings, Jeshua shares with us one of the most important, startling, and powerful pieces of information I’ve come across in my research.

He tells us, “Every suicide preventable by outside forces was indeed prevented.”

What he meant is that if the suicidal person has the slightest openness to changing their mind, the Universe will stage an intervention.

It could be something as simple as a bird flying by and distracting the person, or something as dramatic as an angel assuming human form and physically interceding.

If you have lost a loved one to suicide, know this: There was literally nothing you could have done to save them. You are not to blame. You are not at fault. You did not fail them. Therein rests your healing. Therein lays your peace.”

There are many spiritual texts suggesting that suicide will indicate that the soul will only have to come back and repeat the lessons the soul needed to learn to ascend in it’s evolution. Many spiritual writings talk of the soul wandering in limbo after the shock of the suicide and eventually that soul will be guided home to the light by their guides or angels. Whatever the case, from the Eagle-eyed view of God, from a higher perspective, all is a blessing for soul growth and expansion, even though it may be hard to see. Ultimately we don’t know what will happen after death, however we can take these messages as we shall.

How To Aid A Suicidal Soul

Many people feel like they are all alone with their painful feelings. Listening shows them that they are not alone. You do not have to say much at all. You just have to be there for them. Here are some important things to remember ~

~Take the other person seriously. They are in pain and they need help.

~Show the other person that you are a good person to talk to. Do not judge them or make fun of them.

~Trust is very important. Do not make promises that you cannot keep.

~Show that you understand they have a serious problem. Do not give advice like, “cheer up” or “pull yourself together.”

~Say things like, “You are really important to me” or, “I don’t want you to die.” You can also say, “It makes sense that you feel like you do, but I can help you find other solutions.”

If you’re having suicidal thoughts please contact a helpline in your country which can offer you a listening ear or talk to your friends and family about your situation. You’re never alone, remember that. Sometimes extending your hand for help will save your life, and that’s from personal experience.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on suicide below.. 

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  1. We can say is a “Sacrifice” instead “Suicide”

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  2. Ventusator says:

    By telling a kid, to not push the red button, it will push the red button. The same principal applies in suicide: By constantly telling yourself: “I’m not going to think about this, I’d never do this anyway!”, the more you let yourself down that path. When Society, Friends and Family show that they are afraid of suicidal thoughts, everyone with these thoughts may be even more afraid of that dark tissue that floats above them. So: Thank you for this article! It really helps to consciously figuring out how everyone can (and has to) process these thoughts !
    I had suicidal thoughts myself, back then, as I experienced my existential crisis at its fullest. One day, I wrote down my thoughts and, well, now I have this Blog. It helped processing the whole thing, as well as connecting to people who can actually relate. So, If anyone needs to talk, I’m here.
    If I can give one advice to those who actually read this until the end: Do not treat anyone with signs of depression or suicial thoughts like they’re helpless creatures. As long as they don’t admit it, they will still try their best to look “strong”, while being mentally unstable. By revealing that you saw through that charade, you will probably only hurt them more. At least I experienced that myself, maybe that doesn’t apply to all of us. But still, it may be useful to know.
    Philosophical Greetings,

    P.S.: That’s more than I thought I would write. Sorry. I just thought It’d be important for some *-*

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    1. GS says:

      It is. Thank you for sharing

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  3. I’m with you with the words you’ve written but the excerpt is truly not so great.
    What happens to a soul after suicide is not known to anyone. We cannot fathom the Mercy and Mystery of God with our minds. So no, we cannot say who goes to hell and who doesn’t, that is not for us to decide. We do not know if that person reconciled in the very last breath so we do not know what happens ahead.
    But It’s a clear commandment of the Lord“Do not kill” and that includes not killing self. If you know the Bible you know that Judas, who betrayed Jesus commited suicide and nobody justifies that it was the right decision.
    And using mediums is not even allowed in Christianity or among the Jews or among anyone who believes in God (Yahweh). Yet in the excerpt he mentions using a medium to speak with the spirit of the dead person. So from this excerpt I don’t understand the author’s beliefs. .

    Suicide is not an outlet, it is not an option.
    The excerpt almost points out that it’s okay to commit suicide in some cases because that way they can feel the love on the other side. Just to pacify the heart of one you don’t justify an act as okay.
    We live in a world which has gone bonkers it has already decriminalized many wrong acts including attempt to suicide giving people licence to do whatever they wish, instead of helping them heal before going to such an extreme act.

    I understand that family members of a person who commited suicide goes through so much pain and sorrow. Approaching God and praying for the one who committed such an act would be the best way for healing. Not going to mediums and false interpreters.

    And for anyone suffering from depression, yes they should get help from both Divine and medical counselling and know that they really matter. Their life matters.

    And one thing is true, many people who do have suicidal thoughts are not the ones whom we can easily guess would go to such an extreme end. That’s the flip side of this whole thing.
    But suicide is not an outlet.

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    1. Bridgette~ says:

      I can tell you from my own personal experience that when one is suffering from depression, that getting help from both Divine and medical counselling and being told that they matter, will NOT prevent them from the act. Because when you are so seriously depressed your thoughts are distorted, and your greatest fears are magnified. Helping that person find solutions can be very helpful. And on the flip side, when one is dealing with the loss of a loved one, what one chooses to do in order to seek out healing is their choice, whether it be approaching God, or believing in mediums, etc. because not everyone has the same belief systems.

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      1. GS says:

        Thank you for sharing. I respect everyone’s opinion.

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      2. I personally did go through an episode of depression myself so I know. I do know how well fears get magnified.

        And standing from that point of view I did write that if we do know that someone is in a state of depression we should reach out to them.
        If you just choose to walk away without doing anything, not even being there for them by words or deeds then that’s pretty wrong. So if you can simply give them a bit of hope or confidence by words or deeds I believe you should do it. And if it means to let them know that they matter to you , you should express it there’s nothing wrong about it. You should try to help them. That’s what I wanted to convey. And on the flip side, no one can fathom the mind of another. Each of our minds and our thought process are very unique. So some may accept your help, some may not. Some may heal with counseling some may need medication. But I just wanted to point out that suicide is not the solution.

        And I was pointing out regarding mediums because the author was reportedly ‘claiming’ that he got a reply from Jesus stating that it’s okay to commit suicide and at the same time this author was using mediums to converse with spirits, which I felt really disturbing and wrong . So This point I spoke from a faith perspective especially someone who believes in Jesus Christ should be knowing it. If you read through the Bible you’ll know that mediums are not a place a “faithful” should go to.

        And by the way the reply that this person in excerpt gets by going for help to a man using mediums is that “suicide is an outlet and it’s okay to do it”. That’s just disturbing and wrong.

        But I just want to be clear again that God’s Mercy is unfathomable and did a soul repent before it died how can anyone know but God Himself.
        If there’s anyone reading this who attempted suicide, then again from the faith perspective I say please do not be afraid to repent and approach God. He is merciful and kind unlike the world.
        I’m not judging anyone here.
        I’m not pressing a belief on anyone either.
        I just shared what I believe.

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  4. I have 3 family members and a friend who chose to leave life. I have also always believed that God would not condemn them. I spend many nights pondering my demise. But I am always reminded that my life is important to my beloveds. Thank you for this. Best blessings.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing!

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing.


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