Empathy is a Choice !!

Time for Empathy again

Be Inspired..!!

21st century is an age of Extrospection.  Merriam-Webster dictionary meaning of Extrospection is “examination or observation of what is outside oneself”. And the simplest way of practising Extrospection is showing Empathy. Now, we all understand empathy as putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and looking at the situation, think their thoughts and feel their feelings. But above all, empathy is a choice and we all make this choice of whether or not to be empathetic every moment of everyday.

But are we really empathetic? Lets find out what we have become today and what an empathetic person is?

  1. “I am the best” – The 20th century was an age of introspection.  That age taught us that the best way to discover our lives and who we are, is to look within ourselves. And that pushes us to pursuing a lifestyle through self-interest. Most of the self-help books written…

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  1. Lovely post I had read it before xD Maybe I have a top that maybe can be useful to you! I learnt this from the opionated man a while back…so instead of rebloging your own post you can just go to the edit page of the post and change the date it was published…that will publish the post again! Along the comments and likes everything! And without that originally posted thing too. I don’t mean to offend but this tip helped me alot! Hope it is useful to you! Great writing here btw!

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  2. I dunno….I think empathy is something you’re born with….I think this is what drives a lot of people to public service. When a 5 year old says “I want to be a doctor,nurse,police officer,soldier”,they are feeling the pull already to help others and it comes as instinct and not a learned/taught ideal.

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    • Great words here. We come into this world with a clean slate and we go from this world leaving all the material possessions behind. I believe that empathy should be merged in everyone’s DNA in childhood, we need more of such people in the world.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Best to you

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