Obsessive Thinking

Can we ever stop thinking..??

Be Inspired..!!

Obsessive thinking is annoying first of all. It drains you of all your energy. And it’s not just a momentary thing, it is long-lasting, its has a domino effect. One compulsive thought leads to another compulsive thought and then once you realise that you are over thinking, you start worrying about the fact that you are thinking obsessively and it has to be stopped and then you start over thinking about how to stop because the thought just doesn’t walk out of the door of your brain because you want it to, it loves to screw up your head like its nobody’s business aka very easily..!!!!!

So, you see how a single obsessive thought becomes compulsive and takes away happiness. Needless to say, lets see how we can shove these thoughts out of the door FOR..EVER….

1. Stop talking about it – Yes, don’t keep on sharing your problems with…

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  1. Miriam says:

    I think we’re all guilty of obsessive thinking at some stage.


  2. Glynis Jolly says:

    This type of thinking is also contagious. Awful stuff.

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  3. Mandita Bella says:

    We all do at some point…I can’t help it sometimes but I do agree obsessive thinking leads to nothing but getting a drained mind.


  4. ajaykohli says:

    Ocd is a psychological disorder it needs medication and very strong will power.

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  5. People say that it is time that will make these thoughts, emotions, problems etc go away, but time means nothing it is our character and all that you have written. Well done.


  6. michnavs says:

    I think we are all guilty of this… we onlh differat how we handle it..


  7. mokitadreams says:

    Sometimes it’s so not easy to switch and when I remember every single time when I waste my energy and time obsessing over something, which is not necessary at all… Makes me angry. Self love and good thoughts are much needed 🙂

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