Daily Dose of Inspiration – Appreciation

Be Inspired..!!

Appreciation is key in all relationships. Thank yous validate people, it makes them know they matter, it makes them feel better about themselves, and it deepens your relationship together. Appreciation helps people develop skills and awareness of the needs of others, and what it means to be of service and give back to the world in big and small ways. Appreciation has a way of being contagious, and creating positive energy that stays with the people and the place. Thank yous can be big or small, simple or elaborate, but they must be genuine, and timely (on the spot or very soon, or they lose some of their effect). Sometimes they can be silent; we’ve all loved the special look we get from a partner, friend or relative that we know means “thank you and I love you.”

I am a little selfish. I believe what you give out comes back…

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