Daily Dose of Inspiration – Dare to Believe


Be Inspired..!!

Everything exists right now…everything!

I have read so many books on manifestation and they all say that the most important thing is to imagine/believe that your desire has already manifested here in the present and live as though it has. For example, Neville Goddard says that your imagination creates reality so you merely need to “believe” that you have what you desire now, in the present, and it will appear.

You have to decide for yourself in your own personal human experience what you prefer to believe is real for you and what isn’t. The simple way to maintain a belief about a manifested desire is to choose and decide to change your belief of what you think is in existence and what isn’t. You are at both sides of the chess board in this world. You make all the moves and then also make the counter moves.

Just because we…

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