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A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.’ – Herm Albright

As much as we try to be positive all.the.time, negativity and doubtful thoughts always manage to creep in. Especially during times of physical, mental and emotional weakness. During these times, I try to take small positive thoughts, and repeat them over and over, or in my mind remind myself of all of the things I am thankful for. Putting yourself and your situation in Perspective is vital.

Did you know that studies have shown that an attitude is contagious? If you put a group of people in a room then the person who displays the strongest attitude will influence everyone else, no matter what their attitude is. You’ve experienced this yourself. I’m sure everyone can think of a time when they were feeling just neutral…

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  1. oneta hayes says:

    That quote makes me think of “Smile, and make everyone wonder what you’ve been up to.”

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  2. Tintin Tran says:

    Though I don’t deny that a group of positive thinkers can make you a successful person, I think it’s important to exercise some sort of restraint. I always have this fear of going TOO overboard with an idea, and then publish it to the world, only for there to be a complete and utter backlash. It’s times like this where I always say to myself, “Okay, I need to go about this slowly and in a controlled manner.” Otherwise, if I don’t, I get absolutely shut down. No one will accept any further ideas from me, and they shut me off from their circles, only ever talking to me in draconian terms when needed.

    I find myself in this situation in real life at university, so this is why I don’t like optimism or positivity as a word of motivation. Instead, I like pragmatism and utilitarianism, but by NO means does that mean I HATE creativity, spontaneity and enthusiasm. Control, for me, is everything.

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  3. I always have a hard time to be positive…I developed anxiety…which is a very sad news. But I am always trying my best to be positive. These past days, i am good. Hopefully, it will just continue.

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    1. Yes it will be fine my dear.

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  4. jcparry says:

    So true! It isn’t always easy but in a dark area, even a flickering candle provides light and direction.

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  5. jcparry says:

    I agree that there is an appropriate balance of realism and optimism. To view the world realistically isn’t counter to optimism. However, we often associate realism or pragmatism with negativity. I believe this is incorrect. Pessimism and optimism are simply choices we make regarding which lenses we choose to view reality through. The reality remains the same — how we interpret and respond to that reality is based on whether we adopt lenses of optimism or pessimism.

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