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Respect yourself and other will respect you ~ Confucius

Respect starts with respect for self. A person who respects themselves is confident and has a positive attitude. When you feel good about yourself, it will in turn affect the way you treat other people. The above statement of Confucius means that when we learn to respect ourselves truly we will not do anything that shall embarrass and put us to shame. This ensures us that we will do good to ourselves and to others. We have to carry ourselves with respect so that others will respect us. Speaking of respect, it is simply about valuing or loving ourselves of who really we are. And having respect means, we treat ourselves, others, and even our environment with kindness and consideration. This means, we take good care of ourselves, and being aware of how our actions affect others. If we do not…

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  1. yeah…This shows the level of empathy one has.This will make us to put ourself in other’s position.

    Then kind heart,if you follow your heart then you ll start respect everyone ✌😊

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