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Be Inspired..!!

“There is a treasure house of power within the human mind.”

You must use your conscious mind intentionally and take action to direct what your subconscious mind focuses on. You are the Captain, and your subconscious mind is the crew or team of workers deep within the hold of the ship. You decide where to go and the subconscious is your personal servo-mechanism to get you there.

Whenever your subconscious mind accepts an idea, it immediately begins to execute it. It uses all its mighty resources and mobilizes all your senses , knowledge, mental and spiritual powers to that end. You can use this power constructively any time you choose. So don’t try to figure our the A-Z of how you would achieve the desired goal. The path will show itself, all you got to do is relax. But be ready to take action when the path shows itself.


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  1. Love it. So so true.

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  2. justonestoryteller says:

    Love this I am still learning this and it’s awesome to be reminded by like-minded people thank you!

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