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“The only thing that you have control over is your mind.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Your goal in life should be to feel good. And having a positive mental attitude is the only way to meet this goal. So if you want to change the circumstances of your life you need not worry about what’s going on in the world or what other people are doing. The only thing that you need to worry about is tending to your own mind and thoughts.

We are all meant to be successful and to receive all that we want and desire and thinking negatively will hold you back from obtaining what you want. The way you’ve been thinking is a reflection of everything that you have attracted into your life thus far. Always remember your thoughts are the only thing that you can control, and by practicing a positive mental attitude is the first step in…

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  1. Love this tip, thanks a lot 😊😊😁😘

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  2. I tend to change “feel good” to “feel good about yourself.” The two concepts lead to very different lives.

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  3. sandraMbelz says:

    So spot on! Clear and to the point of clearing negativity from our bubbles 💕

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  4. Love this!! Thank you for sharing this, I really needed this today

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    1. You are most welcome!


  5. kriztofa says:

    There’s this poem, goes like this:
    When the day’s dreary
    And you’re stuck in gutters
    Look on the clouds and your
    Great big stars
    And make a wish

    To some people it could seem silly. Not to me. It tells me I could always change my worst – emphasis on the I. I just have to look hard to see my great big stars. Great post, kudos.

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    1. Beautiful lines..couldn’t agree with you more.


  6. I haven’t finished reading but I am already excited and having goosebumps. I love to be inspired and actually act towards my inspiration

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    1. Hi, I am glad you liked my posts. Do visit soon!

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  7. EphemeralMe says:

    Life happens to us, whether we want it or not.We simply need to rethink our way of reacting to it.

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  8. Laura Bennet says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m glad you liked it. Attitude is so important. It’s amazing how powerful our minds are when we allow positive or negative thoughts to dictate. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks Laura. I am glad you liked it.!!!

  9. agape770 says:

    These are very sound words. When I think about discussions that become arguments, I wonder if they did become arguments because the people having them don’t have peace within themselves so how can they make peace with others?

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  10. meghasworld says:

    Beautiful and encouraging piece. Means a lot in this chaotic world today.
    Also, Thanks for visiting and liking my post. Thanks a lot for spending your precious time for appreciating my little bit of creativity.I just blogging last month so I’m fairly new to this world.

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    1. Good luck Megha. You are on the right track. I Like what you wrote. Looking forward to more!


  11. mightygals says:

    I personally believe in this…. Thank You

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    1. Glad you agree. Thank you.


  12. Attitude affects us at the deepest level of our being. Our emotions are necessarily tied to our health physically and mentally. Numerous studies have showed this. It is amazing how deeply our emotions affect us holistically. Thanks for sharing your insights! Am looking forward to reading your future posts!

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  13. I love the message you are spreading!!! Also, thanks for liking my post. I am pretty new to WordPress though I have been blogging for a while and the likes give me a some encouragement.

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  14. Forrest Pasky says:

    Very positive piece.
    Thank you for sharing.


  15. I think about this everyday. Fantastically written. 👌🏻

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  16. Powerful message! Thanks for stopping by Poemattic.

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  17. mrscat36 says:

    Love your Page. It is inspiring and awesome as well. Thank you for bringing joy to someone’s life!

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    1. Thank you for such kind words. I am glad my words can help!!


  18. I am Aranab says:

    so well said yet, it is the most difficult thing to do on day to day basis.

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  19. pondrafi says:

    This is very inspiring, thank you.

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    1. Thank you. Glad you liked it!!

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  20. tigre23 says:

    Thanks for sharing and thanks also for the ‘like’ – apologies for my tardiness as I’m still catching up on reading. Peace and blessings 🙂

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