Self-improvement for 2020 — onpathtogrowth

Start working on your 2020 goals now. Do not wait. Here’s some inspiration.

Imagine – if someone asks you, how would you begin working on self-improvement, what would it be? And, definitely there would be a moment when you would get to the advice you received on it. Just more and more content on optimisation. Why not, because all of us are striving for getting better and better. […]

Self-improvement for 2020 — onpathtogrowth

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    • What do you want to achieve in the next 1 year?

      No, we’re not talking about ticking off those bucket list entries. We’re talking about the ways that you – the person, the mind, the body, the spirit – would like to develop.

      What do you want to work on?

      How do you want to change?

      Who do you want to become?

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