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Be Inspired..!!

Every adrenaline junkie knows the feeling: Heart pounding. Hands trembling. Blood racing. And then all of a sudden—flying. Plunging through the air, 18,000 feet above the earth, clinging to a parachute that could by all means fail.  Or being strapped into a zero-gravity roller coaster and preparing to whirl upside down, again and again. Thrill-seekers crave that rush; they thrive on it.

It’s the excitement. It makes things interesting, keeps you going. When this life is over, you want to be able to look back and say, ‘I lived.’ Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing.

Great Leaders know all about adrenaline (although they likely don’t know it by name) they simply know that as they’ve traveled their own journeys, they acknowledge the danger and risk in everything they do and weigh that against their motivation to succeed.

These Leaders – Explorers – Visionaries, seldom find success quickly (over…

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    • Yes May, everything in moderation is good. Adrenaline however can be good in Many ways. Chronic stress can drain your energy, but when released in small doses for short durations, adrenaline can have the opposite effect: Being on high alert actually boosts your immune system. Just as adrenaline primes everything else in your body for an “attack,” it also improves your ability to fight off infections, at least temporarily.

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