Obsessive Thinking


Obsessive thinking is annoying first of all. It drains you of all your energy. And it’s not just a momentary thing, it is long-lasting, its has a domino effect. One compulsive thought leads to another compulsive thought and then once you realise that you are over thinking, you start worrying about the fact that you are thinking obsessively and it has to be stopped and then you start over thinking about how to stop because the thought just doesn’t walk out of the door of your brain because you want it to, it loves to screw up your head like its nobody’s business aka very easily..!!!!!

So, you see how a single obsessive thought becomes compulsive and takes away happiness. Needless to say, lets see how we can shove these thoughts out of the door FOR..EVER….

1. Stop talking about it – Yes, don’t keep on sharing your problems with everyone and anyone. People often think that sharing can help you take the pressure off your chest. Well, yes but be careful of whom you are sharing the information with. Is the person empathetic? Does the person know and understand where you are coming from? Or how this can affect you? If the answer to anyone of these questions is NO, then you are just wasting your time in sharing your problems with them or you just want people to agree to what you are saying is correct and sympathise (and not empathise) with you.

Harsh..but TRUE

2. Write about it or type about it – Just write whatever is bothering you. Remember that you shall be not be marked for punctuations or spellings, it’s just a free flow of thoughts that you are thinking and feelings that you are feeling. Don’t be alarmed if you start crying or are shocked to read whatever it is you have written makes you wonder about how could you think something like that etc. Its ok and normal. Also, burn the paper or delete the file after you are through with us. Yes, you read correctly. You don’t want to visit that entire shit again, that’s why you wrote it down. It’s over, gone, burn it/delete it NOW.

3. Realise that your thoughts have become a vicious circle – Most of the people don’s even realise that they are already trapped in the thoughts. Even in those moments of nothingness or moments of no thoughts, they feel uneasy because they are not used to not thinking anything or rather not used to not obsess over something which might not even exist except in the deep area of the obsessive brain. Pay attention to your thoughts. Think that if we remove this particular source of thoughts from our lives, how our lives would be different?

4. Associate it with pain or lossย – We all must have heard of associating a negative thought with pain. No? Well, think about those times when you were a kid and your mom or dad slapped you or locked you in a dark room with no lights just to scare you so that you don’t repeat the same mistake again, and you complied. So, since we all are adults now and probably doing that to our women kids, just associate the negative thoughts with pain or loss.

5. Look at them as a Warning – If you are getting obsessive thoughts, your mind is asking you to change something. The mind is asking you to find solutions to the problems and prevent a bigger calamity to happen. So, don’t try to shoo them away (which they won’t coz they are stubborn), just look at them as healthy criticism and work on them.

6. Go, get yourself a hobby or immerse yourself in work or anything that would keep you busy – An idle mind is a Devil’s workshop. I will leave it at that.

The choice is in your hands. You want to keep on obsessing over a thought coz you have nothing else to do in life, well its your life. Just ask yourself, do you really want to waste your precious little time you have on irrelevant things? Or do you want to make like more likeable for yourself?

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  1. ajaykohli says:

    Ocd is a trap its genetic to an extent rest its imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, need medication or rock solid will power but it doesn’t go from root

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  2. Plectrumm says:

    Learning to accept good enough over perfection! Decision making (The Paradox of Choice) ~Barry Schwartz~ is the culprit robbing people of their presence in the now?

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  3. Reblogged this on Be Inspired..!! and commented:

    Can we ever stop thinking..??


  4. Swetha M says:

    Excellent post! I am gonna have to remember these tips! Anxiety is pandemic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    That featured image is scary!!

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  5. Good tips but meditation is the best way to calm the mind because as J. Krishnamurti said, a forced mind is not a quiet mind. it’s a dead mind. Your mind and your thoughts are the same.

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  6. Reblogged this on andrew jon wright and commented:
    A moaning culture saps everyone’s energy – I agree it needs to be nipped in the bud if at all possible, and this needs leadership by example and a firm hand!


  7. kalison0515 says:

    This post came right on time. I had just listened to my dear mother share her Angst of the Day, which had to do with something I mentioned yesterday. Had she just picked up the phone to talk about it with me, she could have found that there was no issue and that she had blown it way out of proportion. But no, she preferred to visit with it all day long. Changing these habits takes a lot of self-awareness. Not everyone is capable or willing. I’ll leave it at that.


  8. I worry that I’m not worrying enough …

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    1. It really depends on what topic, what is it exactly. How much worth it has.


      1. Yeah, guess it all comes down to value – the only sensible perspective!

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  9. Worry is such a joy robber! I’m familiar with obsessive thoughts and nothing good comes from them. I like your idea of writing it all out, not caring about punctuation, sentence structure – just the raw emotions…then BURNING IT! Rock on!


  10. shanilou says:

    Mindful Meditation is a brilliant way at calming the mind. Use it as a tool to observe the obsessive thoughts but do not act them. Accept that they exist but you do not have to give them energy. Let them float by in your mind.

    Even breathing meditation can help you encourage this mindfulness. Concentrate on how your breath feels. Your mind will wonder, but bringing it back is the key. This technique can help you train the mind to let these obsessive thoughts pass by.

    Of course it is not as easy as it sounds and I do not have OCD but this technique works for me at accepting my negative thoughts presence but not fuelling them and keeping my mind at peace.

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  11. itsathought2 says:

    I think its also helpful for me to remember that just because I think something doesn’t mean its true or real. My brain often presents terrible thoughts to me that just aren’t real. These thoughts can be discarded like the trash that they are instead of obsessing over them, again and again. It just takes a step back to look at how my brain is lying. To dismember the idea. Sometimes I need to do it several times, but it does help.

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  12. I over think everything and sometimes drive myself to
    paranoia….. writing has helped!


  13. Thank you for sharing this post.


  14. One of my favourite scenes from the movie – “The Enemy Below”. A tired Captain of a German Submarine talking to his Executive Officer in this cabin:
    “Never think Heini, Be a good warrior never think. You pay penalty for thinking. You cannot rest!!!”

    Only 2 things have helped me – Deep breathing/Meditation (15-20 mins every day.) and keeping myself occupied either in some hobby or something else.

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  15. Hello! You recently liked a post of mine and hence I got the opportunity to visit your wonderful blog. As a person who has had his share of obsessive thinking, I can totally relate to this. Nice suggestion, and in my case reading and writing came to the rescue.

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  16. cecilia26561 says:

    I have OCD and I find it so hard to stop my thoughts and then I get worried about not being able to stop them ๐Ÿ™

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    1. Hmm, am not much of a spiritual person, but meditation helps a lot. Even if you don’t do it the way the sages or more spiritually inclined people do. Just a few moments in a day sit quietly and put some music on, concentrate on the music, let thoughts come and go but continue to bring your concentration back to music. I hope and pray it helps.
      Sending my Best to you

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  17. Sunny says:

    Nice, i liked what you have done here- simple & sober! Thanks for dropping by at my blog!

    Well, obsessive thinking about problems is definitely not what we want in life! It ruins our health – mental & physical. Adding to that, getting involved in a passion would again become obsessive. Was just wondering what do u think of this kind of obsessive thinking?
    Happy writing!

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    1. Hmm deep..!! I agree with your thought that too much of anything disturbs our mental and physical balance. I write it down when I get overwhelmed. It helps me clear out my head and focus on what’s important. I am sure you have tried that. How does it help you?


      1. Sunny says:

        writing… true indeed, is an amazing thing to do to calm our minds…. I do it too n that’s one f the reasons for my blog…. I also practice other things such as taking a walk.. or just taking a nap ๐Ÿ˜› I think all forms of artworks along with writing r gud to calm minds including dancing, singing, etc… try whichever suits u!

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