Things I wish

Things I wish for in life are developing some habits which will improve my today and tomorrow drastically.

“I always wanted to be someone better the next day than I was the day before.” ~Sidney Poitier

Enough of wishing I guess, so I solemnly swear that I am upto no good..oh!!..I mean I intend to do the following rituals in w.e.f. 8th September 2015.

  1. Read one book every week. It could be anything from Harry Potter, Fifty Shades of Grey series to Blink, Outliers or Drive. Just finish one book like a good girl every week.
  2. Write one post everyday. Yes. Good, thoughtful content to get the writing mills working.
  3. Laugh everyday. 😀
  4. Learn to say NO. Be Ruthless
  5. Not use my phone for a day in a week. Yikes, but have to do it.
  6. Sit quietly for sometime everyday
  7. Save money. Stop spending unnecessary money
  8. Be grateful for 6 things everyday
  9. Compliment one person everyday (a genuine one, have to stay true to myself)
  10. Be OK with imperfection. Be satisfied and happy with what I have.

Well, this is my list of good habits. Do you have one yet?

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  1. very good list and most of it is on mine too, however, I don’t think I’m able to go one day without my beloved phone.
    I’m adding:
    – stop resisting people and situations and start accepting and embracing (and thus rise above)
    – do something creative every day (take a pic and share on Instagram, cook something, do something in a different way than the day before)
    – be true myself (aka voice my opinions, speak up, stand up for myself and others, be heard and counted)
    voila 🙂

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    • Ah…such wonderful additions. Thank you for inspiring me dear. I will add them to the list. Life is like a flowing stream, it’s better not to try and change the circumstance but look at it from afar and let it happen. Our mind has all the answers and so when the time is right, we shall act.
      Thanks again for visiting. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
      Good luck

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  2. What a great post, i am going to use some of your suggestions! Like reading a book a week, or every two weeks, depending on the size of the book. Majoring in English killed reading for me, made it less fun, and i used to LOVE to read, so i shall again, thank you for reminding me! I always try to compliment people, especially those who look distracted and or sad. And last but definitely not least i need to post everyday! Its a must! Thank you for your post you have inspired me!


  3. I enjoyed your list of positive habits, particularly habits #3, 8 and 10! I think especially 10 for me- learning to be okay with imperfection or mine has been a tricky but valuable lesson to learn. As far as my own good habit I’ll have to think a little harder on that one.

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    • Thank you. It’s good to know that you could relate to my list and it made you think about your good habits. Everyone has a myriad of good habits which are inbuilt and we aren’t aware of them. Looking forward to know about yours.
      Best to you

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      • Hello empress2inspire, I’ve given some great thought into what my good habits are, and have come up with a few. Some I’m working on becoming better, while others are more natural. One is my writing- in the past it was sporadic, and barely existent but since starting blogging it’s become regular, and consistent! Another is drinking more water, I do this by keeping a plastic water tumbler on my bedside table as a reminder to drink more or if it’s empty refill it. So, it’s simply habits like that, that keep my mind sharp and healthy!

        Best to you too!

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