Changing leadership in an Organisation..!!

Let us begin with an understanding of what is organizational Culture? The Cambridge Dictionary defines it as “the types of attitudes and agreed ways of working shared by the employees of a company or organization.” It is a jargon used by leaders across the world. It exudes teamwork; open working environment and many other positive qualities of an organization; and the leadership thrives to achieve an optimal culture in the organization.

But if at anytime a leader of the organisation leaves, what happens to this optimal culture? Wouldn’t the entire work culture go for a toss? We have all experienced such a phenomenon either through direct experience or otherwise. (To begin with, there will be experts who will give their opinion as to why the leader left adding to office gossip at the coffee machine or the photocopier machine, or a simple questions “Who’s Next to go?, and /or there will be a few enlightened ones who would claim they always knew that the leader would exit. Things might become dirty when fingers are raised and the exiting leader is accounted for all the things that didn’t work out. There is a great degree of uncertainty around.

Let us look into how to prevent the organisational culture from getting plagued when a leader leaves. Here are a few pointers:

  1. Stick to your guns – The world may be falling around you, but you have to keep on doing your work ethically. I know gossip can be so interesting, but we all know, it benefits no one.
  2. Leadership should keep no secrets – There should be no secrets in a team. If a member is leaving, it should be transparent. This will prevent the unnecessary grapevine from doing the rounds.
  3. People might change, but not the Vision – Don’t forget the consumer. He doesn’t care whether people are leaving form your company or there is a change in the vision, he just wants the service. So, anytime you are in doubt, just remember what are you working for. The road to destination hasn’t changed, its only your travel partner has decided not to travel anymore.
  4. Take charge – If you have a clear focus, instill it to people around you who might be feeling discouraged after a leader’s exit. Trust me, you will come out as a Star after the mist settles.
  5. What if you are the one who is discouraged? – Talk to the interim leader or any senior leader and ask for guidance.

It is your workplace; each and every employee is responsible for maintaining the sanctity of the organisation. ‘Organisational Culture’ is not just a “jargon”, it’s the pulse which runs through the corridors of your workplace. It is were you will spend a significant amount of your life. Make it worth it. And of course if you can’t make it, atleast don’t break it.

Editing Credits: Astha Sharma 🙂 Thanks Sister.

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