What are you waiting for?

Everybody has desires and dreams. They could be small or big, easy or difficult to achieve. And everyday we make a choice, a choice to either wish it would happen, or want it to happen or simply go out their and make it happen. We make one of these choices every single day for any situation.

If we are waiting for the right time to start putting efforts to achieve those dreams, then the right time will never come my dear. The right time is now, and if you too lazy to move out of your comfort zone and do extra then maybe you should re-think on your dreams. Are those dreams random thoughts? Just one of the 60,000 thoughts that the human brain thinks in a day, and you got excited for nothing? Are you missing a goal in your life and hence any new idea gives you excitement when you hear it for the first time? Well if you said NO to any one the above questions, and you want your dreams to become reality, then the time to act is now, not tomorrow or next month…NOW!!

The real problem is that when its time to take action our laid back attitude come into play. To achieve something we have to move out of the comfort zone, which we are reluctant to do as (a) It seems like too much of an effort and (b) Our lives are perfectly fine without it too. These a just a couple of reasons, you may have your own.

If you don’t want to leave laziness and procrastination aside, then please stop dreaming and wanting something more in life. Be satisfied and keep on living the mediocre life that you are living right now. Its your life after all. But if you want more and if you are ready to make sacrifices then you can have anything and everything you want.

Its hard to make changes in your life. The journey towards your destination won’t be easy. Have faith in your dreams, believe in yourself, don’t get disappointed and leave the journey at any point. Everything you ever wanted is within you reach, you just have to work hard and smart to get it. Remember its you and only you who can make this happen for yourself, imagine the thrill and happiness you will feel when you achieve your dreams and let these feelings be your guiding source in life. Stop complaining how hard the journey is, rather enjoy the setbacks and move again with greater valour.

Nobody has to validate your dream. People might not even understand what you are trying to achieve because its your dream not theirs. They can motivate you if they are good people but don’t go finding validation in loved ones or friends, find that within you. Don’t put your life’s happiness in somebody else’s hand. Invest time in yourself, sit with yourself everyday and think about things, get clarity, remove the unnecessary part. We have over loaded our minds with clutter, de-clutter your mind.

Have some passion to dream in your life. Don’t be SCARED to be different, DARE to be different !!!

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  1. earth2moomoo says:

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    start 2016 this way


  2. Marquessa says:

    Exactly! “If not now, when?”

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    1. Ah Yes..it’s now or never

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