Always want to lose weight…but can’t? Maybe you can find your reasons here!!

Everyday I hear at least one person say, “Oh, I wish I could lose some weight”. The immediate response that pops in my brain is “Then go ahead and do it, who’s stopping you?”, but I usually bite my lip and empathise with the person and also because I was one of them complainers, 4 months and 10 kg ago..!!!

Yes, my dears, this is my personal weight loss journey and I am thrilled to share with you the do’s and dont’s if you are really serious about losing weight. But before we start, we need to know some basic rules and answer some questions for ourselves.

1. Are you really serious about losing weight? – Or are you just motivated because you saw a woman wearing a well fitted dress and looking nice or you are just in awe of someone at your workplace who lives an equal stressful life but is still fit with no beer belly? If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then sorry, you will get over this feeling of wanting to lose weight, give it time, this soon shall pass.

2. You think exercise is the only way to lose weight? – So you have tried one of the following to lose weight like joined aerobics, hit the gym, started couch to 5K exercises, Pilates, yoga, climb mountains etc, but haven’t changed the amount of food you eat or rather now that you are breaking sweat, you don’t mind eating that extra piece of fatty stuff as anyways you can work out a little more tomorrow and burn it out. You think that’s fine? Seriously?

3. Get influenced easily? Glamorous Diet worked on “Ms. XX” or “Mr. XY” and so let me try it and see for myself. Please people, you are not them. Something that worked on someone as close as your sister might not work on you, as all of us are different. There are many factors that affect weight loss. So please, use your brains and don’t get influenced easily.

4. Doing it for others? Don’t!!!!!! If you want to lose weight, do it for YOURSELF. If you are overweight and comfortable about it, be oblivious about the world. People have to talk about something, its human nature. 60,000 thoughts in one day in human brain, how self-centred can we be?

5. You can’t decrease your food quantity at any cost? Then be happy and content in eating. Don’t complain that you want to lose weight. Being able to eat anything you want and not feel guilty about it is a heavenly  feeling ladies and gentleman and if you have been able to develop that feeling I am so jealous of you.

6. Do you have will power? If YES, then GAME ON..!!!

Take your time, answer these questions for yourself. I am no expert in Nutrition, I am a normal person like you who wore loose clothes to hide my curves because I was not comfortable with them, hid behind people during photo sessions so that my entire frame didn’t get captured, tried yoga, aerobics and walking 10km/15000+ steps everyday but still couldn’t lose weight till I started controlling what I was eating. I didn’t starve myself which you will see in my subsequent blogs, I ate pizza’s, drank milkshakes, ate paranthas (Paranthas are Indian flat breads which are traditionally stuffed with fillings before being pan-fried) everything but still managed to lose weight and losing more just by controlling portions and managing calories.

Are you ready then? Feel free to leave comments if any.


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  1. Glynis Jolly says:

    That 1st one about Metabolism is something I haven’t come across before. I need to up my intake of cold water. Great tip!

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  2. heyjude6119 says:

    I’ve done it before and then gained some of it back. Trying to get back on the fitness wagon. This helped. Thanks! I definitely can relate to having a taste of something and then wanting more. I’m better off not having any of the sugary, buttery, salty, whatever, because then I start craving it. “Walk away!” is my mantra. 🙂

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    1. Way to go..!!! Walk away is the mantra to have. It was great reading your post.
      Best to you


  3. Atomic Words says:

    Definitely on the loosing motivation wagon. But thanks for the advice

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  4. Reblogged this on Be Inspired..!! and commented:

    Festival season over..losing that extra weight mode on..!!!

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  5. holisticjen says:

    Nicely done, so true, we are all different. I use the law of attraction to help with weight loss, because it’s all mental. You have to know how it feels to be healthy and thin, before taking any actions like eating, drinking, or exercising. Life is way easier if we connect to ourselves and our higher power, get clear about how amazing we are, and then take an inspired action. No need to beat yourself up if you didn’t stick to a perfect diet. Just take it all one moment at a time, with only the intention to feel better and be healthy. “I am healthy” is a powerful affirmation if said with the true emotion connected to the words. Keep inspiring people!! Your blog is a blessing.


  6. 2l2phant says:

    Reblogged this on 2l2phant.


  7. 2l2phant says:

    Thank you 💕


  8. Innate Expressions says:

    This tip is one that feels good and contributes to weight loss, but is often overlooked. Sleep! Yep! A decent nights sleep of 7-8 hours is key. When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it goes into stress mode. The result is the release of the hormone ghrelin which makes you feel hungry before you should and makes you reach for guilty pleasures at ungodly hours. Also, cortisol is released, we can thank cortisol for the beer belly and love handles. Bottom line, get your beauty or handsome sleep. It’s so worth it in the end. …

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  9. Loved this post! I’ve been myself on a body kinda transformation for a few months now and it’s going good! Slow, hard, but good! 2016 is definitely time to stop postponing for me and make a change!

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    1. holisticjen says:

      Good for you, just keep your focus on health (not necessarily the specifics of losing weight or looking a certain way), and that it will be easy for you…Much of the weight loss problems are because of the mindset that it is hard, a struggle. What if you could be in a great mood and mindset so that it’s easy? I think it is possible. Change is inevitable, wishing you a great new year.

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      1. Thanks so much! You too! 🙂

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  10. Looking good – Waiting for your next post 🙂

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  11. Tony says:

    It’s all about being healthy. If people would eat intelligently and exercise regularly they wouldn’t have to lose weight. Excess pounds would melt off. The weight game is a mental one and most people focus on the wrong thing.


  12. donutsplace says:

    One of the major things that I think is making us gain more weight, ( that we really do not realise! ) is some of the ingredients we are consuming.
    One of the really nasty ones is high fructose corn syrup.
    Yes that! That will stack the pounds on you, seriously. And the bad thing is you will find it in many foods you eat.
    And canola oil is really not good for you at all. Yet we see the cooks on tv using that.
    I love your blog! Thank you for reading mine. 🙂

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    1. Hi, I agree with you. We have to understand our bodies and know what suits us best. Blindly following chefs can lead to negative consequences. Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Best to you


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