What do we really want in life..??

What do we really want in life. Well, in India, most of the time (till today) our parents answer this question for us. They chose the school we should (well yea..coz at that time we were too busy eating the orange and cola coloured toffees aka “Candies”), they chose the stream we should pursue to make a good career (not trying to sound old, but some of us didn’t have a choice here), graduate and get a great job (after all we don’t want us to be criticised by our parents in front of Uncles and Aunties for not being able to do well in life), get married to a “WELL-SETTLED” person and then do the same things to our kids and the vicious cycle continues.

But, what do we really want.

Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.” – Author Unknown

Life speaks to us in many ways, and trust me I am not trying to be philosophical here. I can prove it. Well, think about those times when we are getting “Bhand” (pardon my language, but it makes it real) with our friends and we are in that feeling of “I don’t give a *beep* what the world wants me to do”. We talk about stuff which we are passionate about, thing that we want to do in life. We could be an engineer, MBA in profession, or a doctor, but maybe what we really wanted to do in life was “Play Tennis” or “Become a writer” or “Run a business” or “Just get married and raise kids (I have all respect for he mothers in the world, its a tough job to raise kids like us:P). And trust me “Being Bhand” with friends is just one of the many occasions when life really speaks from within you.

Now, either you will ask me “Then, why don’t we do what we really want?” or if you are idealistic aka practical, you will say “Life is not easy ok, you have to earn money”. Well, first things first, I am not trying to say I am a specialist in life, coz if I would have been, I would have been a billionaire already and spending my life on my yacht, traveling to some exotic country, not sitting 12 hours in front of my computer and still earning thousands by the minute. Well, I am not here to give you “Gyan” about why we don’t do what we are so passionate about doing. We all have our reasons starting from “Laziness – Procrastination – Lack of time – Lack of money, Honey!”.

But, a few tips to “Stay happy, even if your life is not perfect” with a disclaimer that these are my views (and I am a little crazy, like really), so you may or may not like or follow them, no hard feelings and also since I have started a blog, well I got to write something.

1. Stop Cribbing – Look, I agree cribbing or venting out your troubles to someone takes the load off your chest and makes your feel lighter. Agreed. But it depends to a large extent on the person who is listening to you. Let things go yaar, life is too short, apologise if you do wrong, say thank you more often, smile or shut up even when the lava is about to burst out from your head.

2. Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen – Very cliche, I know, but what’s wrong in thinking something that gives us a high for a few moments in a day. How about thinking about good moments which bring a smile to your face and looking into the future in a positive way. Negative soch ke bhi kya kar ledge, so atleast be positive about it.

3. If you can’t do anything positive about it, give it time rather than taking hasty decisions and ruining it.

4. Take out time for your passion – I know, no one has time. But hey, we all take out time to have dinner with someone special, or watch some american sitcom season episode back-to-back coz its easier. Take out some time for yourself even if it means earning a little less money.

5. Look back at the greatest accomplishments in your life and remind yourself about them again and again. Its feels good. I don’t have many accomplishment, infact none, but I am glad how far I have come in life (even if its just age wise :P, people die everyday, atleast I am alive :P)that is something to be grateful about.

So why am I writing about all these above things and making it a long boring read?? WHAT’S MY POINT?

The point is simple. Just be happy in life, no matter what the situation, less money, thankless job, too much work load, sleepless nights, Pain in the ass boss, politics, relationships or whatever, just be happy like a mad person (don’t stress too much on mad, we all are anyways our own special brand of crazy). You have a lot of things to be thankful about in life. Be thankful about them. Smile, laugh, be special, be unique. Hell, this is your life, and you can’t spoil it by being negative or too serious.

As I mentioned earlier, these are my opinions only, you can do whatever you want. But if you have read the entire thing and are reading this line, think about what I have written atleast once.


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  1. Agree one should smile more, be thankful to everyone helping you in any way – from maid to date – as that makes you feel good about yourself.
    Though 2 points..again my perception as you stressed ‘too many’ times on how what you wrote is your perception:
    1) To your being bhand with friends point – those ‘under the influence’ discussions happen with friends at end-graduation or post graduation stage and not at school stage ! By that time your life and sort of career is decided. Definitely too late to start something like “Play Tennis” – and writing cannot be a profession (Sticking to the 2 examples)
    2) I don’t see/believe any coorelation between being a specialist (in life or whatever) and being a billionaire and living on a yacht.

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  2. Very well written.. Inspiring.. Yes, most of our decisions are taken by our parents, may be because they want us to be in a good position.. But in that process we forget that we are here for a purpose of following our passion, which only few people do! Even though they may not be rich, they will be happy. Because they love what they do.. 🙂

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  3. Life is unpredictable its not what we want ,its to accept what life offers us ,I wanted to be in army rejected in interview ,joined merchant Navy left it as my father has depression ,learnt computers ,didn’t find good job , started tuition centre ,my brother needed accommodation so I left place for him ,read psychology and dietician ,practising that but its not going great ,passion is fitness and gardening ,don’t have money to own a gym or nursery bottom line, life kicked me and I got kicked without option or complaints as have to survive

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  4. Thank you for this! I totally agree with you. I have extremely strict Asian parents myself.. *sigh*. I even wrote a post on “How most Asian Parents Think”. Haha.

    Anyhow, I like your blog. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  5. thanks for the great insights & reminders – it is always important to be grateful, to embrace what life has to offer as we acknowledge that at times it can be challenging

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  6. Your post made me smile. So true, living a positive life and just trying to do what we can to be happy. I think that’s what we’re all really aiming for in life. Thanks for the reminders 🙂

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  7. Very evocative and thought provoking. Though most of us will read the words and decide in our head “she is right… I must do something about my life” and then head out for whatever we are doing and forget that we had to do something about our lives.

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    • Well, truth be told, I myself got into my chronic negative mode just hours after writing this. Sigh* wish life was simpler. But then I see your comment, and it’s a nasty wake up call:). Thanks a lot. Out come the action goal sheet again.
      Best to you


      • No worries and thank you for sharing! Does it make me believe more in hope? Well no to be honest, but that’s only because of the way I view the word hope – a longing for that which can manifest under the right conditions (knowledge, opportunity, luck, etc.).

        I enjoyed your post on the basis it enforced the lessons I’ve been learning in regards to healing CPTSD since not jumping the gun, rushing to conclusions, and producing an overall lack of give and take in relationships have constantly driven a wedge in my plans for growing.

        But no longer 🙂 learning to let go in the face of great unkowns is a challenge worth overcoming. Many blessings!

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  8. You spoke my words. In our region, youngsters don’t have much of a choice.
    Nice tips. Will work on them.
    One line touched me somewhere deep :
    “even if its just age wise😛, people die everyday, atleast I am alive :P”

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  9. This is a nice easy read!! Really comes into ties with what I was thinking about last year in my very first post when I first decided to start blogging. I sat down and realised how life is progressing, little by little and sometimes none at all… but you have to embrace each moment cause its all part of a story, your story. Each book has at least one sentence that doesn’t show any suspense, but is part of a larger structural build up! Everyone has their story, tell it your own way!

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  10. In the Bible Philippians 4:11-13 New International Version (NIV), Paul writes:

    11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

    Being content is something we learn and I do believe you are correct. Being content will lead to better happiness.


  11. Nice one… Applying all this is not easy as it sounds… But these are the basic rules… Problems may appear huge and scary… But apply these basic rules with trust nd they do work…
    And I liked your selection of words like bhand etc. They make the piece more relatable… I’ll surely apply it next time I write something… 😉 🙂


  12. Great post Empress. Having people choose your life’s path is not only a problem in India. Americans do this to their children as well. The world seems to squash creativity and promotes the security of a “good” job or career. But, what good is it if you are in a career that you hate and every day is filled with the idea that there has to be something better? Fortunately, things are changing. People are waking up to the flawed system this world operates on. We are on the verge of changing the paradigm and the vicious cycle will not have to continue for the children of our future. 🙂 Joe


  13. You advocate a practical yet principled way to go about thinking, speaking and acting regarding day-to-day living. I’ve been practicing that approach for years, it’s sound and it works.


  14. Aside from the Indian expressions I didn’t quite get, this is great advice. I left my ad agency job 32 years ago to pursue my passion, and while I have struggled mightily financially, I have been free and like a sailboat tacking into the wind, coming ever closer to my purpose in life. It’s been, and continues to be, quite the adventure.

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  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thank you for this post. We have all been there and it is a question we,have to keep askiNg oursleves each day. Love the quote: “Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.”
    Keep writing.

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  16. Whether you want something or don’t want something out of life, you are right!

    First and foremost, you have to understand yourself, then you can attain some mastery over life. In order to know yourself, you need to understand, especially in our Westernized world, what wealth means to you as an individual and then society as whole.

    Stay tuned as I will blog about this and it will all become very clear!

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  17. Awesome energy and straight form the heart. I love your attitude-i “dig” it. You have so much to share of value.
    Here is a suggestion which i hope you will find useful; try to use fewer colloquialisms or, if you use them, provide translation if you can. This post could be a hard read for many just because the reader doesn’t know the colloquial meanings of all the words you have used.
    Keep posting!

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  18. “Well, first things first, I am not trying to say I am a specialist in life, coz if I would have been, I would have been a billionaire already and spending my life on my yacht, traveling to some exotic country, not sitting 12 hours in front of my computer and still earning thousands by the minute.”

    I laughed when I read the part about you sitting twelve hours in front of your computer. Humorously reminds me of myself.

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