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Get ready to maximise your potential, maximise your living with empress2inspire’s new posts series “Daily Dose of Living”. These series will bring you the best in personal development and productivity every day of the week. Your best life awaits. 

Today we will continue to talk about how people chose their careers in life. Step is to find your (potential) dream job using the cloud technique. One of the most daunting parts of choosing a career is picking just ONE job…that you’re supposed to do for the rest of your life.

  • “What if I decide that I hate doing X? Can I ever do something else?”
  • “What if I want to change careers in a few years? What do I do then?”
  • “What if I like to do LOTS of things and can’t decide where to focus?”

All of these “what ifs” make it tough to say yes to any career. You can skip past these doubts. Just start by listing ALL the careers and job titles you might be interested in. Anything you want to explore, just write it down.

  • Think copywriting sounds fun? Add it to your list.
  • You can imagine yourself as a marketing director? List it out.
  • Know someone that does inside sales and what they do sounds cool? Put it on the page.
  • Toyed with the idea of being a baker? Nothing is too left field. Write it down.

This the Cloud Technique because your options are as open as the sky. This lets you say “Yes” to EVERYTHING you’re curious about instead of constantly saying “No, I can’t do that because…”

Where should your ideas come from? Here are a few career brainstorming tips:

  1. List any careers or job titles that caught your attention in the past.
  2. Go to LinkedIn or another job listing site and read job descriptions. If anything catches your eye or seems like it’d be fun to do, add that to your list of potential ideas.
  3. Think about the skills you already have or ones you’d like to develop. Then, search for jobs that involve those skills. For example, do you really like design and being creative? See what jobs require those skills by searching online. Put these options on your list of potential careers as well.

For now, it’s best to have a big list of potential careers to choose from. You can move on and start to refine your list once you have at least 10 job titles written down.

Come back tomorrow for more inspiration.

Reference : https://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/how-to-choose-a-career-that-youll-love/

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    1. GS says:

      Saying yes to all inspiration is so liberating. Isn’t it?


    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing

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      1. Always a joy and pleasure to read and share your posts with followers, My Dear! Hope you have a great day!! xoxox 😘💕🎁🌹

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