ASMR Keyboard Typing – No Talking


People who experience ASMR may feels something like a tingling in the back of the head, around the temples, along the neck or spine, down the arms or elsewhere. It can vary from person to person.

There are also many who appreciate ASMR without experiencing tingles. Some report a feeling similar to a trance like state—as one might achieve through mediitation. Others find it helps them to relax, alleviate stress, reduce pain or fall asleep.

Scientists have only recently begun to research ASMR, so as of now little is known about how it works and why some people experience while others do not.

ASMR comes in many forms on the internet. Often it does involve whispering but other soothing sounds such as tapping and hair brushing are very popular as well. Keyboard tapping is quite common, often with some roleplay element such as joining a library or school enrollment. Other popular sounds are haircutting and ear cleaning with or without whispering and close attention.

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