Laugh Out Loud


Think back to a specific time that was over-the-top, right-out-of-a-sitcom hilarious. Perhaps it was funny when it happened, or maybe it was embarrassing or even frightening and has only gotten funny with time. Let the experience come back to you, with an eye towards the hilarity of it all.

Begin at the very beginning and re-tell yourself the whole story of what happened. If you’ve ever told the story to someone else, think about the parts where they laughed so hard that you had to pause the story. Or the times you laughed so hard that you had to take a moment to try and compose yourself. Those are obviously the good parts. Make sure to spend a lot of time getting those details just right.

Imagine that there is a TV exec who is about to decide whether or not this story could be a sitcom pilot. Make the story so great in the re- telling that it has to be aired. Go through each step of the story, exaggerating the funniest parts. Laugh out loud if you are moved to do so.
If you’ve told this story to someone before, perhaps you might want to call them up and reminisce again. If you haven’t shared the story, now is a great time to do so.

There is nothing so wonderful as sharing a memory with someone.

Especially if it’s the kind of memory that gets you both laughing so hard that you can barely catch your breath.

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you for sharing.


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