How Does One Counteract Resistance?


Honestly, the first step will always be doing Shadow Work! Although we all experience a form of resistance, it’s usually because we don’t feel worthy of creating our art or we are triggered by certain situations we need to take part in. Delving into our darkness will bring clarity as to why it’s so difficult to take these steps and how we can move past the fear to do what we gotta do.

Afterwards, we need to remind ourselves that we create these roadblocks on our paths and that our old mental patterns are the only reason why we’re not taking action. In the past, we have reacted to stressful situations with fear and would try our best to avoid them, but the best thing we can do for ourselves is to confront these situations head-on, fearful and all. 

We get nowhere by playing around in our comfort zones, so we have to challenge ourselves to face our fears despite the anxiety. I know it feels terrible in the moment, but you know what else feels terrible? Not accomplishing a goal because you were too “scared” to do it. Don’t look back on moments like these with regret, do what you gotta do now so you can thrive in the future. 

Allow yourself to receive the abundance you’ve asked for by taking action. Perform/practice your art, confront that person, write that essay, learn that lesson, anything to get you on the other side of fear so you can finally operate from a place of love.


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  1. Comfort can be a very dangerous habit to create. At least I have found it so.

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    1. GS says:

      Hmm okay. Could you share more?


      1. I was talking with the Lord about it this morning. He reminded me that comfort is not bad in and of itself but when it becomes our goal, we sell ourselves short of our potential. In this realm where everything needs to be kept up in order to be kept from falling apart advancement requires us to constantly stretch beyond the space we have become comfortable with. If we refuse to stretch, comfort can become chronic ease which has the potential to become sloth. For me it can be a quick journey from comfort to sloth so I try to guard myself from becoming to comfortable.

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      2. GS says:

        Wow thank you for sharing

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      3. GS says:



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