You Have Magic

You don’t always see your own magic because it’s disguised in the ordinary things you do every day. It’s the way you see the world. how you make others feel when they are in your presence – like they’re seen. Like they matter. Like they’re accepted, just as they are. It’s the revolution inside you that says maybe the way things have always been isn’t the way they have to be. How you’re willing to make a new path. to go in a different direction. To follow the call of your wild heart. It’s your inner spark that radiates outward and lights up a room. It’s your stubbornness and how you’ll never give up on what’s most important to you: people, beliefs, goals, dreams. You’re not fearless, but you’re willing to face your fears for the things that matter. And when the world tells you to be mean, you lean deeper into kindness. When the world tells you not to love, you love harder. Cynicism would be easy, but you’ve never taken the easy road. On those heavy nights when the world is immersed in darkness, you’ll still the last spark of hope. All this time, you’ve been searching for magic in the world outside of you, but can’t you see it yet? YOU ARE MAGIC!


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  1. jlbrou says:

    Wow! That’s great piece of inspiration. Nice 👍😊

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    1. GS says:

      You are magic. You are made of stardust. The molecules that make up the unique being of you are the same as those found in the matter of bright, twinkling stars.

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