Being in Feminine Energy While Dating

Choosing to be in your feminine energy while dating to find your man has many benefits, both short & long term, for those of you who want a more masculine man who pursues, is clear about his intentions, plans dates & moves things forward – without you feeling like maybe nothing would happen if you didn’t make it happen.

If you are a high achieving woman with most of her life figured out, except love is the last missing piece that hasn’t worked out, & you want in depth guidance to get from here to happily partnered off with your dream man, then embody your feminine energy while dating. Here are some of the benefits of doing that :

  • More Self Worth – Many of us were conditioned from childhood that our worth came from our accomplishments or what we did, rather than our worth being inherent. We feel that we must EARN love. It is one of the reasons we can chase things like success & accomplishments, trying to feel worthy. When a woman embodies her inherent worthiness as a human being and sees the gift that she is to all those around her, not because of what she does, but because of who she is (and who you are is ALWAYS enough).
  • Less Work – If you are EXHAUSTED with modern dating it could be because you are dating from a masculine energy. Meaning that you doing too much to try to move things forward and trying to control outcomes with particular men. When we are overworking like this, it leads to dating burn out, disappointment, and resentment. Feminine energy embodiment allows everything to be so much simpler & easier because you get to relax and allow the men you are dating to court you – to lead & plan & make things happen (occupy the masculine energy & pursue you) while you embody the gracious, receptive, receiving energy that is the feminine energy pole.
  • You get to ENJOY dating more – Dating was meant to be easy, fun & simple, but it won’t be if you are always feeling like you need to chase, convince, pursue, force, control and try to get a man to be what you want him to be. Feminine embodiment is about learning how to release trying to control & instead allow the right man to show you he is the right man through his actions. It’s about releasing beliefs like “if I don’t do it, nothing will happen.” You get to let go of trying to control everything & let the best man win. You get to receive from men in a way that feels good to them & to you.
  • Less Work Part 2 – Men will follow your lead. If you start a relationship in your masculine energy, he will naturally take the feminine energy pole. Which means, you’ll set up a dynamic where you are expected to the reaching out, the planning, the forward thinking, the making things happen. It creates a man who is focused on what you’re doing for him instead of n what he can do for you. You’ll feel like it’s all in you…because you’ve set it up to be that way. If you start in your feminine energy, that dynamic never gets set up. Instead, you attract a man who wants to provide for & take care of your needs, desires, & happiness.
  • Magnetism – Feminine energy is magnetic. It’s the aliveness, the joy, the ease, the openness, the connectedness that men crave to experience with a woman & have much less access to on their own (especially men dominant in masculine energy). And when we embody our feminine energy we are best able to connect to his heart (from which he falls in love). The experience of us for those in our energy is pure magnetism. It feels good!
  • Faster Sorting – Dating in feminine energy means, no chasing, no trying to make some choose us, no trying to convince someone of how amazing we are, it’s instead, about releasing the need to do anything or convince anyone of anything..and just observing. This leads to faster sorting because you won’t be trying to make something happen with someone who doesn’t ultimately want what you want. You’ll see quickly if someone is on the same page as you or not.

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  1. jlbrou says:

    Insightful. This is good information to embody and share. I agree, It’s definitely time to act from and value our feminine energy πŸ™

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    1. GS says:



  2. I love this post! I’m naturally a fairly feminine woman. I love being dressed up and my dream one day is to make a lovely home and nurture my partner. I have noticed a lot of men don’t resonate with femininity – some want you to have both feminine and masculine energy where you look and act feminine yet also have a high income and be a boss lady. Not that you can’t be both (some women can do this), but I find I feel more feminine when I’m relaxed and not pressured to compete with a man. You’re right though that it helps weed through people faster – when you’re not the one who chases and impresses, you can attract a guy who’s ready to pursue and provide for you. ❀

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    1. GS says:

      Wise words Sara. I like and appreciate how confident you are in your own qualities. Confidence is knowing that you are worthwhile and worthy apart from whatever attributes and talents you can offer someone else. Every dating coach or advice columnist out there will tell you, and I think they’re largely right in some ways, that confidence is an incredibly important and attractive quality when you’re out there dating. Keep filtering out and soon you will meet the right one. Good luck.

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      1. That’s really so true. Knowing what you do bring to the table regardless of someone else’s expectations is so important. I’ll keep filtering and working on showing up as my best self. ❀️ Thanks again.

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      2. GS says:


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