Psychological Life Hacks Part 1

People are weird, complicated creatures. That fact can make managing social life tricky if you haven’t studied up on the quirks of human psychology. But the reverse is also true. By learning a few simply psychological truths about how our minds work, you can give yourself a huge leg up when it comes to succeeding at work, finding love, and getting what you want in life. And mastering basic psychological hacks will also give you a big advantage over most people, who navigate the world on instinct and emotion alone.

Here are some psychological life hacks :

  • When you first meet people try to notice their eye colour while also smiling at them. It might be because you look for a second or two longer, but all I can tell you is that people really respond to it.
  • Pay attention to people’s feet. If you approach two people in the middle of a conversation, and they only turn their torsos and not their feet, they don’t want you to join in the conversation. Similarly if you are in a conversation with a coworker who you think is paying attention to you and their torso is turned towards you but their feet are facing in another direction, they want the conversation to end.
  • Foot in the door phenomenon. People are more likely to agree to do a task for you if you ask them to do something simpler first. Gradual commitment makes people think you like them.
  • Alternatively you ask them to do an unreasonable task, and they’ll say no, so then you ask for what you wanted, a much more reasonable task, and they’re more likely to agree that way.
  • If you ask someone to do you a small favour, cognitive dissonance will make them believe that because they did that favour, they therefore must like you.
  • If you ask someone a question ask they only partially answer just wait. If you stay silent and keep eye contact they will usually continue talking.
  • Chew gum when you’re approaching a situation that would make you nervous like public speaking or bungee jumping. I can’t remember where I heard it but apparently if we are eating something in our brains trip and it reasons “I would not be eating if I were danger. So I’m not in danger. Has helped calm me a few times.

Which one do you follow amongst these?

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  1. I’ve used the foot in the door hack quite a number of times. And I do pay attention to feet, but never have I heard about chewing gum when in fear. I’ll be sure to try it the next time I’m due to speak in public

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    1. GS says:

      Chewing gum during stressful times has been found to help alertness, reduce anxiety, and reduce stress and salivary cortisol levels. If you are feeling stressed, a piece of gum can help soothe your nerves and give your mouth something to do.

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  2. Well, if the benefits of chewing gum are that many, then I might as well eat gum for breakfast, lunch and supper. Why do it only in stressful times when you can reap the benefits all the time?

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    1. GS says:

      Hahahahah Lets not overdo things Lazarus.

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      1. Yea…was just messing with you

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