Parenting Strong Willed Child Part 2

What exactly is a strong-willed child? Some parents call them “difficult” or “stubborn,” or more positively, “spirited.” But we could also see strong-willed kids as people of integrity who aren’t easily swayed from their own viewpoints. Strong-willed kids are spirited and courageous. They want to learn things for themselves rather than accepting what others say, so they test the limits over and over. They want desperately to be “in charge” of themselves, and will sometimes put their desire to “be right” above everything else. When their heart is set on something, their brains seem to have a hard time switching gears. Strong-willed kids have big, passionate feelings and live at full throttle.

  • Practice problem solving 101. You can prepare your child from uncomfortable moments by simply giving them a heads up and then coming up with a plan together.
  • Don’t make too many rules. Don’t make too many rules. Just the ones you can’t live without.
  • Give out rewards more than punishments. The key thing to remember is to make this reward something you are not only comfortable with, but also something your child truly wants.
  • Mean what you say. Many parents will threaten to punish their children and then not carry through with it.
  • Be sealer with your expectations. You need to spell out your expectations for them. Be very clear.
  • Brainstorm with your child. Engaging your child in a brainstorming session of sorts can make them feel like part of a team. Your team

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