Tips For Leading A Spiritual Life Level 3

The highest aim of any spiritual path is surrender. Although you may associate the word surrender with defeat or weakness, it is the most powerful spiritual action, offering you infinite freedom and possibilities. Surrender is trusting that God, the Universe, or a higher intelligence can accomplish anything, even when you can’t foresee the outcome of a situation.

At the level of spirit, everything is always unfolding perfectly, and you don’t have to struggle or force situations to go your way. It is only your ego-mind that believes you are an isolated individual trying to survive in a hostile world. In truth, you are a spiritual being. When you surrender to Spirit and listen to voice of your deeper intelligence, you end the struggle. You free yourself from fear and doubt and release the obstacles your ego has created.

Here are a few tips you can start trying to lead a spiritual life :

  • Travel to a retreat/inspiring destination like Sedona AZ, Peru, or India.
  • Spend time in a temple, cathedral, ashram, or place of meditation.
  • See each obstacle or struggle as a life session.
  • Begin to note coincidences/synchronicities as something bigger.
  • Cultivate self awareness by noticing patterns in your life or behaviours.
  • Reflect on your morals and values and align to them.
  • Meditate or practice tai chi until you feel vibration in your body.
  • Connect with humanity; show empathy when someone is hurting/angry.
  • Avoid drawing energy when mad/hurt, don’t blame unfairly, don’t try to get the last word, don’t insult others.
  • Share positive energy with others; sincerely apologise, compliment, show support, be respectful, show kindness, give to those in need.
  • Make it a life goal to discover your dreams and unique life purpose.
  • Each day ask aloud or in your mind for guidance from any source; God, spirit guides, your ideal self, Mother Earth, the Universe.
  • Recall your purpose, ask your highest self, your inner wisdom, your spirit.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Carol anne says:

    great tips 🙂 got a lot from reading this! X


  2. clearreveal says:

    Yes! We are to surrender and give ourselves to God. He has everything planned out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      “Surrender is not a weakness it is strength.It takes tremendous strength to surrender life to the supreme – to the cosmic unfolding.”


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