Tips to Reuse Glass Bottles

Recycling is possible and encouraged worldwide. Extra care is needed if the bottles will be used to store anything perishable, edible, cosmetic or similar products. If you are not sure how safe it will be then follow the products recommended procedures for safe storage. You can use glass bottles for many different arts and crafts projects so you will most likely run out of bottles way before you run out of ideas.

Here are some tips to reuse glass bottles :

  • Make a Mini Terrarium – Using a clear glass bottle, you can create a mini ecosystem using moss, soil and plants. You can make them upright or sideways.
  • Time Capsule/ Message in a Bottle – Store old newspaper clippings, timely artefacts, photos and other mementos in a glass bottle or simple write a letter, bury into the ground or let it drift into the sea (or if you feel guilty about littering give it to someone).
  • Bottle Plant Nanny when you are on vacation. Need to water your plants while you are gone on vacation? Fill a glass bottle with marbles (the more marbles, the slower the drip), add water and stick the bottle neck down into wet soil almost perpendicular to the ground. Depending on the angle and number of the marbles, bottle should be able to water planting soil for a few days to a week.
  • Bottle Candle Holder – Simply stick long candle into empty bottle opening. For dramatic effect, have many bottle candles arranges in a row on a table or a shelf.
  • Humming Bird Feeder – You can buy a hummingbird feeder time and insert into opening after filling bottle with liquid nectar. Hang upside-down with wire.
  • Bottle Of Lights – Drill a hole at the bottom of the bottle. String in Christmas lights and plug in. Try it with different coloured glasses.
  • Makeshift Rolling Pin – Don’t want to buy a rolling pin? Just use a glass beer or wine bottle. To prevent sticking, sandwich pastry between sheets of plastic wrap or wax paper.
  • Garden Border – Want to form a DIY ground border around your flower beds, plants and trees? Stick your glass bottles neck down so the bottom base shows in circular or rectangular formation.
  • Best Fish Tank – Do you have a big glass bottle you don’t want to throw away? Make it a cozy home for your next beta fish.

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